Leftists against justice

I think that leftists are not angry about the decisions that Bush makes. I think ther are angry that Bush is making decisions. Think about it, do you remember a decision that Bush made that leftists were not out in the streets raving about? I did not think so. Let us recap about events that have happened in the past, shall we?
When 9/11 happened, liberals said that Bush responded too slowly. When Bush decided to take action against terrorism, they were angry, thinking that the troops would be killed with biological weapons. After we went in and did not find weapons; the leftists said, we knew it the whole time and Bush is only in the Middle East for corporate greed.

Getting to the point, these liberals do not let up. With the recent nomination from Bush for Supreme Court justice Harriet Miers, leftists are already on a rempage. They are spewing every piece of trash they can think of, attacking her qualifications and experiance.
"There needs to be, obviously, a very thorough inquiry into her background as a lawyer and her activities"

Well Ill tell you what American Presidents.org has to say about that.

" Harriet Miers received both her undergraduate and law degrees from Southern Methodist University. She worked at the firm of Locke, Purnell, Rain & Harrell from 1972 to 1999, rising to the position of president. In 1985, she became the first woman president of the Dallas Bar Association; she also served as a member-at-large on the Dallas City Council.

"In 1992, Miers became the first woman president of the Texas State Bar. Most recently, she was co-managing partner at Locke Liddell & Sapp, LLP." Put that in your pipe and smoke it liberals.

The point I am trying to get across is, I wish liberals would pull their heads out of their asses once in a while, admit defeat, and relax, rather than launch smear campaigns against every Republican in site. Not everything needs to be a major ordeal, from what I can tell Harriet Miers is pretty qualified for the position, and she can bring some positive changes to the justice system. "Ms. Miers is an extremely well-qualified and fair-minded individual who is committed to interpreting the law instead of legislating from the bench." says
Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman.

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