Allow Me To Rant: Schools

Allow me to rant, if you will (not like you have a choice). Anyway, I would like to ask you a question. When did the less than effective American institution of the public school system become a forum for angry leftist scumbags to push their sick agendas on innocent impressionable minds.

For instance, today my Spanish teacher had an article from BBC mundo on the screen. It was that classic picture from the Veitnam war of the girls running from the napalm. I figured, "Ok, I can accept that. I am not heartless. I feel bad for the victims of war, it is a terrible thing."

But it turned out, that was just his opening. He then proceded with his monologue of the evils of the American government, then right into corporate influence on the media. He claims that ALL (absolute statement there) corporations are corrupt and greedy, and therefore conservative institutions. Ooh, there are so many things that are wrong with that. One, have you ever watched the news in your life? Those assholes use every opportunity to take a cheap shot at the government. How about the New York Times? Do you honestly think that liberals hate money? No, it is hipocracy in its highest form.

Liberals expect everyone else to be generous and giving, and to not look out for themselvs ever, but when it comes to them, it is just an honest living. And I am not saying that corporations do not want money. But why do you think that someone starts a business, to make money. Wait until I come to school with my I love Halliburton shirt. I lost my train of thought...

Anyway, It doesn't end with my Spanish teacher, my English teacher last year had a magnet that said, "Straight but not narrow." What the f**k does that mean!? What, because I don't believe the same thing that you do, I am narrow minded.

I suppose my point is, people fight to the death to supply the school system with extra billions and billions of dollars in increases every year, and people wonder why some high school students are graduating as dumb as rocks. The funny thing is that the public school system was founded to teach people to read in order to read the Bible so they could understand it for themselves. But now, when teachers dedicate entire class periods to their sick creeds of statism, I say privatize.

That's right, in order to better utilize our tax dollars we should impose a voucher system. People could take their vouchers and put them toward the school of their choice, and be free from the encroaching secularism.

The Young Conservatives