The First Post AND My First War-Protest Experience

Ahem. I, Goggalor, have created this blog in my beliefs; as to nullify the perception that Conservative views are borne of idiocracy and hypocracy. I am a Protest Warrior, essentially "fighting the left...Doing it Right." I am no racist (contrary to popular liberal belief about Conservatives); in fact, I am far less so than the ANSWER goons (as in the people who run ANSWER, not the attendees) who seek to "end racism" and yet show undue hatred towards Israel. I love my country, the U.S. Flag, and my state of California. On Saturday, which was ANSWER's international day of protest, I went to LA to counter-protest. Upon arriving I met some other Protest Warriors and with my deepest thanks, the College Republicans. Anyways, after 'infiltrating' the march we recieved (after a few minutes of Liberals not getting it or scratching their heads in confusion; not to say all did, but they just do not read the whole thing; honestly, it merely proves how people see what they want to see and nothing more) the usual "Nazis go home" chant (further proving their ignorance, after all; they were the ones stepping into line marching to the big brother-like voice booming out calling for a 'new world order'). Once we arrived at the Rally, we heard some actually quite interesting speakers and a rather funny (though very partisan) impersonation of President Bush. All in all, it wasn't too bad, except for one scene that I can never, and will never forget; the destruction of the Flag of the United States of America by some anarchists intent on excercising their free speech who then had the nerve to QUESTION our free speech. I was just lucky enough to save a piece of the flag and that just made my day.