Iranian Uranium Take II

I know not what to say.

Iran, is; as you all know, a threat. However, I heard Pat Buchanan (Wait, Don't stop reading) talking about the situation. And, I must admit; he brought up some of the best reasons for not going to war (period) that I have ever heard, even from the left. He was discussing how the Iranian President was just making those Campaign hoohahs to get everyone rallied up, but never would really actually do anything. And unless, he is completely insane, probably wouldn't; seeing as there would be so much opposition. From Israel and from the U.S., that invading Israel would be suicide at the tenth degree.

And while I do worry that he is building Nuclear facilities, we must ask ourselves; can Israel not defend itself? I am a huge proponent of Israel, don't get me wrong. But it is an insult to believe that they would absolutely need our help, they defeated the Palestinians in the Six day war, in well; six days.

Apart from my comrades who believe that that no agreements can be made, I beg to differ. Where would we be if Reagan didn't talk to Gorbachov? Where would we be if Nixon didn't have the Kitchen Debate? Small things like that; that allows America to show what true democracy and capitalism and friendships are to the people of Iran, can do a lot.

Our leaders must once again come face to face with the Iranian president, they should discuss; what Iran is really planning to do, instead of the fetal threats of someone who is trying to rally his people is saying.

What worries me even more than the fact that Iran has nuclear programs, is that France is willing to Nuke Iran in an instant, the fact that they are declaring this; one of the most anti-American nations on the earth; is willing to help us, for what? Israel? Maybe support for Israel is more so with them than the left here. Perhaps. If not, what's in it for France; do they want the Construction Contracts? Was the only thing holding them back before the corrupt Food For Oil program? Or (let's hope) has France, since the riots, taken a turn towards Conservatism; and forfeited their "Great Socialist Experiment"?

Please state your opinions; I understand that I am confusing you, especially if you have read Iranian Uranium [Take 1]. My position has changed, but I still am ready to declare war on Iran if all else fails. But, we need not be hasty, make absolutely sure they are going to attack, get the Democrats on Tape saying they are willing to go to war, and then launch our campaign against Iran.

The Young Conservatives

Returning The Calls

Hey guys (if you are actually there), I am sorry I have not been able to post lately, but I just don't have the time, finals and all. So; I have gifted and wrapped for you a certain little funny something:


Well I hope you enjoyed that. I know I did. Tomorrow I will continue my posting. I had to take a break, it's very hard almost single-handedly running a blog. It's time consuming; and at times, very monotonous.

I should make no excuses really, but I would like you to know; that there has been a slight slowdown in terms of interesting political news. I could go on about the new poll that says that 51% of Americans would definately not vote for Hillary, if she was a presidential candidate; I could go on about the fact taht The Daily Kos is campaigning against O'Reilley because he said that Osama sounded like Michael Moore, but are completely ignoring the fact that President Bush was claimed to be the Ultimate Terrorist by Belafonte; I could go on about how I think McCain is soft on the issues and would not make a good president.

But I won't.

Because I have left that until Tomorrow (well actually later today, but...).

Once again I apologize, and hope you keep reading.

The Young Conservatives


The Canadian Election Ay.

So, For the first time in a long time, The Conservatives have regained the socialist empire known only as Canada (Note: They are neither entirely socialist or an empire: But it was funny saying so). This, obviously; good news.

It is in my opinion; and it is an opinion, that what really happened there today, was caused due to the numerous deaths of just waiting in line to get the so-called "free" Healthcare. No longer, we hope; will Canada be the Hamster in the maniacle experiment of Socialism. Let us hope, that with these Conservative leaders, that country will come to be more actively involved in the world around them, in other words; become more involved in foreign affairs. The hard truth these people have had to face, after years of ignorance; is that there is a world, and there are people suffering because we, as North Americans, aren't as involved as is necessary to protect the protectionless.

Again, I shall repeat this; I am no Hawk, however; I do not like seeing the world become entrenched in Communism or in Dictatorship. I do not like seeing the world become fascinated with Socialism, even though it is doomed to failure. Too long has Canada hid behind America's back, too long Canada has been laughed at for it's little military presence, too long has Canada been weak, both Physically and mentally, due to the restrictions put upon her by the left.

Canada has now rebirthed into a Country that Canadians can once again be proud of, and instead of saying "uh...we are from canada", they can say "HELL YES: WE ARE CANADIANS".

The Young Conservatives


The Iranian 1953 Coup d'état and the CIA’s Involvement

The relationship between the United States and Iran has been one roller coaster ride after another. In the past, our economic ties enriched a strong yet unique friendship between the U.S. and Iran, but today, the U.S. has branded Iran as part of an axis of evil and a country which has snubbed its nose to the international demands to stop the research and development of nuclear technology. 1953 Iran was no exception.

One of those roller coasters did an entire 360 degrees around the once Iranian Prime Minister Muhammad Mosaddeq in mid August, 1953. It is a fact that a coup d'état occurred, and that coup d'état was assisted by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Anyone might conclude that this is basic knowledge of the 1953 incident. So how did the sentiment leak into the minds of the Left that we “trained his [the Shah’s] own personal secret police” or that the government which followed after the coup “was installed by the west”?

While I could dive into a diatribe of the low standards some Americans have for their own country, a historical perspective and a rekindled enlightenment of the situation that was the 1953 Iranian coup d'état are required and would be more suitable.

Events surrounding the Iranian coup are important and like many other historical issues and concepts, any discussion should start with the context of the situation. While it is odd that anyone would defend a self-proclaimed communist, it nevertheless should be established that Mosaddeq was no innocent bystander that just so happened to be trampled by the immoral CIA machine. Some like to claim Mosaddeq was democratically elected, yet this is certainly not the case. To replace the Prime Minister Ali Razmara, who was assassinated thirty-nine days before his term was over, Mosaddeq was appointed on April 27th, 1952 by Iran’s legislative assembly, the Majlis. At the end of those thirty-nine days, against the consent of the Shah, and certainly undemocratically, Mosaddeq was appointed. With a clear horizon in front of him, his quest for power was ready to begin.

Almost immediately after his second appointment, Mosaddeq demanded ultimate power over all economic, financial, and personnel aspects of the government. The Majlis refused, and Mosaddeq childishly resigned on July 16th. General Zahedi was to be the new Prime Minister but after much political unrest and even riots, Mosaddeq came back to power on the 22nd, and his bill to give him dictatorial powers over Iran for a time period of six months was passed. The Mosaddeq regime was now in place.

In complete control of his future, things only went downhill for the Iranian people. Twenty days later, not only were economic, financial, and personnel powers in the hands of Mosaddeq, but so was every aspect of Iranian life. In a failed attempt to stop Mosaddeq’s consolidation of power, fifteen Iranian generals were dismissed from service or were forced to retire. Dissent would not to be tolerated by the new regime. As the socialist he was, the dictator enacted communistic economic reform which burdened small villages and farmers to surrender 20% of their land of which would then be divided up into equal parts for the better good. Along came tax increases and the specific targeting of wealthy Iranians. If they refused to pay, they were imprisoned and their property confiscated. It was the decree of the regime that all funds gained were to be redistributed equally to the masses.

Mosaddeq’s stern nationalistic approach to his governing not only ran counter to the Shah’s wishes, but to the United Kingdom’s interests in the region. Mosaddeq’s illegal seizure of western assets spurred even more unrest. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) fiasco led Iran down an extremely difficult path of trying to stimulate its own economy. The UK oil trade was calculated in to Mosaddeq’s economic development plan, but due to Mosaddeq’s personal ego, and his lack of ability to do what was right for his country and his people, UK-Iranian relations, for the first time since 1859, were severed.

Mosaddeq quickly lost support from the military to the religious figures in Iran. The United States also saw this situation as a problem. The early stages of the Cold War were in full swing at this time, and to the U.S.-led Western bloc and the Soviet-led Eastern bloc, any political moves made around the world were considered “wins” or “losses.” With Iran’s failed economy, and severed ties with their leading foreign trade dealer the UK, Iran was left with only once choice – do business with the Soviets and thus, be engulfed into the Soviet sphere of influence.

Because the U.S. did not want to “lose” Iran, Kermit Roosevelt, a senior agent for the CIA, developed a plan to assist the Shah and opposition parties of the Mosaddeq regime in a coup. The operation was dubbed Operation Ajax and a total of $1 million was set aside for the project.

And we’re off to the races!

Operation Ajax had international support. British MI6 agents and CIA operatives made up the operating group. The Qashqai tribal leaders arranged for the two governments, the UK and the U.S., to operate in secrecy in their part of southern Iran. With a footing in place, and the objective clear, it was time to act.

Unexpectedly and only a mere hours before the coup was to take place, Mosaddeq was tipped off. Iranian troops loyal to Mosaddeq spread across Tehran intercepting pro-Shah soldiers in their tracks. Despite what seemed to be a huge setback, CIA agents on the ground as well as General Zahedi himself thought otherwise. Kermit Roosevelt and Zahedi agreed that if the Shah sent a decree detailing the removal of Mosaddeq and the appointment of the lawful Prime Minister, General Zahedi.

The CIA made the arrangements, but before there was any implementation, another decisive blow to the operation came about when the Shah was reported to have fled to Baghdad. Kermit and CIA operatives on the ground now had no communication with the Shah to inquire him for the two decrees needed. In a last ditch effort to instigate the coup, and taking advantage of Mosaddeq’s premature removal of Iranian troops in Tehran, the CIA contacted the Associated Press in New York as well as some Tehran newspapers and told them the coup leaders were armed with the two decrees hoping the Shah would get the message and follow through.

On August 17th, the Shah got the message, and made an announcement that he had signed the decrees however some feared that it was too late. Pro-Mosaddeq newspapers declared the end of the Pahlevi dynasty and the Communist Party’s central committee attributed the coup had failed. Just as the CIA were packing their things to go home, heads hung low, word on the street changed and pro-Shah rallies raged through the avenues of Tehran. Iranian CIA agents, without specific orders, led the crowds to vandalize and overrun pro-Mosaddeq newspaper publishing buildings. Things were moving far more quickly than even the CIA had anticipated. An Iranian general that helped with the original coup days before showed up in front of the Parliament with a tank. Truckloads of military personnel were at every large intersection. In light of the situation, Mr. Roosevelt personally brought General Zahedi to one of the radio stations which were already broadcasting the success of the coup and the decrees from the Shah. Zahedi addressed the nation for the first time as Prime Minister.

Well, let’s hold on a second here. What did the CIA do again? Did they amass the crowds, arm them with AK-47s and point them in the right direction? Actually no, they didn’t. The will of the people and Mosaddeq’s totalitarian and communistic views and policies is what triggered the movement. While the CIA was packing their things due to their failure, the Iranian people stepped up. The full $1 million wasn’t even spent. A measly $75,000 was spent on only mobilizing personnel.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and in light of the aftermath of the 1953 coup, blatant blaming and condemnation of the CIA expectedly follow, but the question still remains; how did the sentiment leak into the minds of the Left that we “trained his [the Shah’s] own personal secret police” or that the government which followed after the coup “was installed by the west”? The CIA surly did not set up any training camps, nor was their any installation of a leader. The Iranian people followed the will of their legal leader, the Shah. Simply and honestly put, the CIA set an already strong movement in motion, and made room for General Zahedi to take his rightful position.

It is in the wish of history, that accurate perspective and informed conclusions remain potent. In 1953, Mosaddeq’s regime was one of brutality, social, and economic unrest brought about by communism. The United States, being the beacon of freedom and prosperity that it is, assisted little in the removal a dictatorship, and that is simply all.


Well, What Can I Say?

Come on, tell me. It looks good right? The blog I mean. The banner is not done yet because the banner-designer is a lazy ass that would procrastinate until armageddon if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I really do hope you like it. Because I do, but if you don't please comment. Give some suggestions.

On another note, I have noticed that my blog comments have gone up; this is great: I don't care if you are a liberal. Although it does seem I get a majority of dissenting opinion in the comments. How about some supportive comments from you Conservatives out there?

On another different but still related in a cousin sort of way, I might be moving my blog. Yes, it just might be true. And if it is, it will be to a Mu.Nu. hosting site thingy. Yes, I want to become a munuvian. Here's the catch, I need to be voted in. So prayers if you are religious, good lucks from the not-so-religious, and broken legs from the superstitious stage actors.

I swear that this will be the last (probably) irrelevant post for a while. Back to politics. And as a wise man once said, "Have a nice day".

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McCarthyism, or Anti-Indoctrination?

Students are getting paid $100 bucks to turn in tapes of their teachers ranting about how corporations are stealing our souls. Some call it McCarthyism, others call it (including myself) call it Anti-Indoctrination. A Harvard Professor is quoted as saying that it is vigilantism and he "objects to it". Well, isn't that interesting. Who is going to do it if the students don't? We going to plant FBI agents in the classroom so the Teacher can notice them and save their asses by keeping their mouths shut? No, the students, the people; the people who are the victims of this, should be leading the charge against extremist indoctrinators. Now, I don't care that the Teachers are spousing off about this (if they aren't funded by our taxes) but the fact remains; Students are intimidated into remaining silent, for fear of discrimination. Are we sure that the teachers who can't control themselves while teaching, can control themselves while grading a paper that might conflict with their beliefs?

Indoctrination is one of the evils corrupting our great nation, the people should create their beliefs by themselves. Not through the partisan teachings of an extremist. I don't care whether that person is a Liberal or a Conservative, if they are teaching without neutrality; they are not doing their job. Teachers should be neutral to their students, and if they aren't they should be in jeopardy of losing their jobs. This does not mean to say that they can't talk about what they believe, because we all believe something; but when someone steps past that line of discussion and into indoctrination and one-sided teachings; that is not right.

The Young Conservatives

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Renovations Update III

Alright, we are almost done. We have created a new process of renovating our blog, which we are calling "Blog Transference". And no, I will not explain how it works. You know, just to be asanine. Anyways, I really hope everyone will enjoy the new looks and if you don't well, We won't give a care, because we will like it. Unless of course your complaints are technical based, then; we shall care. But, you will be seeing the new blog very soon.

I hopes youze guyze enjoy it.

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The "Right" To Die

Well, I am going to present you with two differentiating opinions for and against. I believe in both of these, which confuses me. But I will nonetheless post them here:

First, In Support:

The People, through the State; should ultimately have more power than a federal law. This validates (and yes I am using it) the ninth amendment. Which allows the Constitution to protect rights that have been acquired by the people, and if the right to die (for some reason) is one of those acquired laws, than yes; it should overrule federal law banning in all instances.

In Opposition:

The Constitution provides us with wht the Forefathers called Unalienable rights, now these rights are named so because no one can take these rights away from us. So the fact remains that the right to die does not exist, because the right to life is unalienable. The Forefathers feared the process that which people eventually give their rights up, so they set up the Constitution to regard these rights as unchangeable, except through a grueling process of creating an amendment. Therefore, even if you choose to die, or kill yourself; it is not a Constitutional right. The State has a compelling interest to keep people alive, no matter their condition, otherwise it would be gross negligence on behalf of our Government to ignore our basic essential Rights given to us unalienably.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed that argument, I will now go check into a mental hospital for what the doctors are calling "Multiple personalities".

The Young Conservatives

ACLU v. NSA: A Showdown of the Anagrams

I think it is incredibly interesting that our country has become so wrapped up in lawsuits that we are now getting sued by our enemies for spying on them during war. The irrationality of this just blows me away. Well, it won't be held up in court, any rational court anyway. It is funny; I was reading over at the Daily Kos that the Supreme Court is conservative. Yes, that's why no one has put a stop to the NSA "Domestic" Spying. And for some reason this "Conservative" Supreme Court has upheld Roe v. Wade. Seems awful convenient to me.

Also, I have noticed that Articles about Abramoff have completely died down at DK since the Democrats were found accepting money from his clients. Yes, I am continuing my crusade against the liberal extremists that make up the Daily Kos.

Back to the topic: I sincerely hope that this lawsuit quells any debate over there was any Domestic Spying, which there wasn't, but it seems the media and left just can't let go of something even though they have found out is not an impeachable offense.

Democrats are continuing their smear campaign agains the President, yesterday Hillary compared the White House to a plantation "and you know what I mean". Gore lost his mind, forgetting about Echelon and Carnivore, claimed that Bush needed to be impeached for Domestic Spying. I think there was some nazi comparisons made (but don't quote me on that). So basically, it was just like every unhinged liberal out there.

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Update on Renovations II

Um...They aren't done. *Ahem* As with all construction crews, they just don't work as hard as they should. Certain jobs needed to get done. And they haven't been done. But I promise you, that they should be done by Wednesday, hopefully. I hope it will turn out as well as I think it will and that it will create an atmosphere that you all will enjoy reading my tasteless commentary in. Thanks to all you loyal readers.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It is interesting to me, that the left has taken credit for all of the Civil Rights for African Americans, but if we look at it; we know that this is a common lie. It was the Democrats who Filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act; but the Republicans voted for it. Yes, the Republicans. And need I remind the Democrats, that it was also the Republicans who freed the slaves, then put them into office. But no, no; we "Republopressors" hate Black people. This is by far the worst lie that has ever come out of the mouths of left-wing extremists. The Republican Party was created for the sole reason of abolition. Yet, the propaganda that Democrats have fed the public has created an aspect of hate surrounding our party. These are lies. Does anyone know who Robert Byrd is? Well, if you don't; let me remind you. He was a member of the Klu Klux Klan. He was the majority leader of the Dems for something like twelve years. Yeah, Republicans are the party of discrimination and hate.

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Specter Sells Out

I still can't believe people don't understand that there was no domestic spying. It was international calls from known Al Queda linked people. Specter, talk about a RINO, is selling Bush out. The media keeps up this "Domestic Spy Program" to make it sound like we have all been heard. It's simply untrue, and to add to that; Bush has only used it about 34 times. Reid knew, the Supreme Court knew; there is no problem or scandal. Just the leftists trying to smear the right. The American people are growing weary of this attack position of the Democrats. They have no plan, they only have smears. They smeared DeLay with charges that weren't even illegal at the time he did it, they smeared Alito with lies. And now they are keeping up this illusion and fallacy that we are all being listened to. BIG BROTHER they cry; but wait, 1984 was about Stalinist Authoritarianism- that goes by the quaint old name of Communism or Socialism.

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Update on Renovations

Well, they aren't done. But they should be done by monday. Let's hope so.

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"Only the dead have seen the end of war." -Plato

On this blog, and on almost every conservative forum I've seen, small numbers come together anonymously to pontificate what they feal is important-and what they feel is important are almost invariably small, partially insignificant, specific aspects of a more general and comprehensive subject that is of ulitmate importance. As for this blog, the young conservatives, one main issue is going to be the war on terror. People will argue small aspects- oil, WMDS, Saddam's mustache....and these all reflect the larger issue....however the study and concetration of these small things has led to the lack of concetration in the bigger picture. This war is not one on Iraq, or Afghanistan, or anything that particular. This war is on all that are out to destroy progress, capitalism, democracy, starbucks, and most of all, Christianity. This is not a new war. This is a war that has been raging for centuries. This is a war of God. The root for what America, along with most the western world, is found in God. Some deny this, some rebuke it, some can't handle it. However, the facts remain. From the moment Mohommad (sp?) spoke of his religion, a fire had begun. This fire has grown. Politics, history.....all these things are lost in this concept. For those of us that believe in the Bible and God....it would seem odd that war would happen without there being a deeper meaning to it. God would not allow this, or so it would seem. I don't think He has let it happen. With terrorists attacks attacking God's people, and God's people attacking the terrorists....what more proof do you need? THIS WAR CANNOT BE BROKEN DOWN INTO SIMPLE CAUSE AND EFFECT POLITCAL BULLS**T. This war is about something that is beyond any of us. A battle that has been in existence since the begininng. This is all leading to something, something big. This is a matter of God, and I pray that the people of America will abandon their new found virtue of poltical correctness and shout at the top of their lungs that God does exist, that God does have a hand in this war....and most importantly, knowing this, that the people of America (and the world) pick up their swords (I mean this literally with Jake...) and fight for God. Amen.

and by the way, because this war has always been, it will also always be. Attempts to stop it are done fruitlessly.

The Young Conservatives

Iranian Uranium

Iran. What to do with Iran. No one can doubt that Ahmadinejad will attack Israel. That is the question that our elected officials should be asking themselves right now. I am no hawk; I do support the Iraqi war and the War on Terrorism to a point, but I am very hesistant to go to war. Not for leftist reasons, but because I think that we need to stop supporting countries that are ungrateful for all that we have done to bring in an era of the people. No longer do Kings rule as they once did, No longer do we have oppressed people as we once did; much of it because of us. I realize that so many other countries would still be dictatorships because many of them took America's cue to rebel against those who disrespected man's inalienable rights. Yet, since Vietnam; we have been looked at with disgust, because we are 'barbaric'. We still have a strong military. But what they don't realize is that the reason they don't need a strong military, is because we are the ones who are keeping it that way. And so we have become ingrained in a world police foreign policy, so that other countries have become dependent upon us; which I may say, is not any different than People's reliance on welfare. We could have easily bowed out from Iraq once we were done, and subsequently the U.N., but now Iran has become a problem. I personally think that going to war with Iran will cause problems. But, as America; we need to. However, I have faith that Israel can defend itself, but against Nuclear weapons, that tiny country would be devastated. Israel is the shining light of hope for many people, we must protect that.

Sanctions won't work, talking won't work. This man has a singular mission, to "wipe Israel off the map." We have to protect Israel; there is no compromise, there is no appeasement; we tried that in WWII. It didn't work then, and it won't work now. The only choice to support the prosperity of a Country that stands as a shining beacon of hope in the middle of a region overrun with hate.

The Young Conservatives

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Just An Update

We had some problems, technical difficulties. I promise it won't happen again. The Renovation is happening tonight. I hope you like the new look.

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Allow Me To Rant: Schools

Allow me to rant, if you will (not like you have a choice). Anyway, I would like to ask you a question. When did the less than effective American institution of the public school system become a forum for angry leftist scumbags to push their sick agendas on innocent impressionable minds.

For instance, today my Spanish teacher had an article from BBC mundo on the screen. It was that classic picture from the Veitnam war of the girls running from the napalm. I figured, "Ok, I can accept that. I am not heartless. I feel bad for the victims of war, it is a terrible thing."

But it turned out, that was just his opening. He then proceded with his monologue of the evils of the American government, then right into corporate influence on the media. He claims that ALL (absolute statement there) corporations are corrupt and greedy, and therefore conservative institutions. Ooh, there are so many things that are wrong with that. One, have you ever watched the news in your life? Those assholes use every opportunity to take a cheap shot at the government. How about the New York Times? Do you honestly think that liberals hate money? No, it is hipocracy in its highest form.

Liberals expect everyone else to be generous and giving, and to not look out for themselvs ever, but when it comes to them, it is just an honest living. And I am not saying that corporations do not want money. But why do you think that someone starts a business, to make money. Wait until I come to school with my I love Halliburton shirt. I lost my train of thought...

Anyway, It doesn't end with my Spanish teacher, my English teacher last year had a magnet that said, "Straight but not narrow." What the f**k does that mean!? What, because I don't believe the same thing that you do, I am narrow minded.

I suppose my point is, people fight to the death to supply the school system with extra billions and billions of dollars in increases every year, and people wonder why some high school students are graduating as dumb as rocks. The funny thing is that the public school system was founded to teach people to read in order to read the Bible so they could understand it for themselves. But now, when teachers dedicate entire class periods to their sick creeds of statism, I say privatize.

That's right, in order to better utilize our tax dollars we should impose a voucher system. People could take their vouchers and put them toward the school of their choice, and be free from the encroaching secularism.

The Young Conservatives

More On Alito

From Blogs For Bush:

According to the Associated Press, the Democrats are going to make one last attempt to delay the confirmation of Judge Alito.

Despite the fact that Alito got the highest rating from the ABA, and handled himself tremendously well during the hearings, the Democrats seem determined to pretend they are not the minority party.

Let's be honest here. Every single Democrat knows how they are going to vote on Alito. They don't need more time. He's answered their questions and nothing he could say will change their votes. The Democrats have turned the hearings into a circus. They tired to derail his nomination over CAP and Vanguard... both issues which have been cleared up, making the Democrats look ridiculous for devoting so much energy on them.

It's time to move forward with the nomination. No more delays. It's time for a vote.

I have to agree with this statement, after those Confirmation hearings, I think that any sensible person could agree that Alito is ready and qualified for the Supreme Court. Now for the Daily Kos Stupid Quote of The Week!

Yes, there are NO pro-choice Republicans.

And all you Democratic Senators who dream of being President someday, remember that Alito is 55, he'll be around for a while. And when you want to call yourself pro-choice when you run for President, I guarantee you someone will be there to remind folks how you voted on the Samuel Alito nomination.

That's a lie if I ever heard one, I personally know a Republican who is Pro-Choice. The fact that this Armando guy says this shows the bigotist attitude these Liberals have towards Conservatism these days. I would never say that there are No Pro-Life Liberals, because I am sure they exist.

What also irks me is that Supreme Court Nominations and Hearings are for determining a Candidates Qualifaction, not to determine if they are going to be the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg; whom was passed by 98% of the Senate, even though she was clearly Pro-Choice. I think the double-standard these people have (the extremists) is horrific. This just backs up my theory that the majority of the Democratic party no longer represents the majority of the people.


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Yay, we are renovating our site. No more cheesy looking Blogger template! Thanks to Tetracide for a new banner and new background; and hopefully, a new post block background. Stay tuned.


Alito Makes Dems Look Silly

Well, the "Gang of Thirteen" has failed to convince anyone that Alito is anything but a supreme candidate for the Supreme Court. Their lame attempts to discredit him have completely failed, the CAP angle failed, the "Alito hates 10 year old girls" angle failed, the "Alito hates minorities" angle failed. All they have managed to do is make them look like the left-wing extremists they are. Now Biden says that hearings are pointless, because it's "all a game". The reason they don't want hearings anymore is because they can't legitimately vote against this guy without looking like partisan jerks.

I wish everyone in America was watching this, they would know; how far the Democratic party has strayed from the "mainstream".



Constituents Still Back Lieberman

In a poll that happened a few days ago, Lieberman was confirmed to still have a strong backing, despite the vicious attacks by Left-Wing extremists, including the much overrated Daily Kos. Apparently, he is still leading by enough to keep his seat come November. My analysis: Had this guy been off-base with Democrats, his ass would have been grass; but it's not, because it is not him who is out of touch, but Dean, Daily Kos; and all new-age left-wingers who are. Good for him to show some courage, go against a Party that no longer represents the people and go mainstream- the real mainstream. Democrats need to stop attacking, and start having a position on issues; goals and how they are going to achieve them; instead of maliciously trying to destroy Republicans. They are starting to lose credibility, and frankly; no one wants to vote for someone whose only strategy is the word phrase "Culture of Corruption". F**k you, what about the Democratic "Culture Of Corruption", what about the Democratic "Culture of Extremism"? Hypocrites, and the public knows it. Get back to policy, and stop trying to look like angels; you're politicians, and no one trusts politicians- no matter their beliefs.

So to you Dems out there, tell your congressmen, senators; how you really feel. There is a Silent Majority of Moderate hardworking Dems out there, and you need to speak up. Your Party will never represent you or get elected if you keep quiet. Tell Boxer, Tell Kennedy, Tell MarKOS Zuniga; this isn't what Liberalism is about; it's about peace and liberty and the reach for a perfect society, not baseless attacks that further the political tension and hate between political ideologies. Tell them.


They will Reteach us, make us 'smarter', make us 'faster'; and make us liberal?

The YearKos convention will hold a seminar on how to best 'teach' our kids quote:
A more comprehensive program

I think civics should be taught like history, through all the grades. Secular American values should be inculcated in a non-controversial fashion [meaning from one-side only *Liberalism*], based upon the Founding Fathers and advances made by Lincoln, the Roosevelts and MLK.

Never too early to teach kids what being American is. Government function, and malfunction, is an important part but not the whole enchilada. Let's add Tom Paine, Upton Sinclair, and Alice Paul to the mix, if the wingnut parents will let us.

-4.50, -5.85 Lies are the new Truth.

by on Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 02:06:36 PM PDT"

Wow, if children haven't been indoctrinated enough as it is. Jesus H. Alvarez, now they plan to teach us how wrong our Government is, and how right they are, and how Conservatives are EVIL and to quote Chinny Dean "ARRRRRGGHHH"



Engineer Makes Special Deliveries to Iraqi Children

By Polli Barnes Keller
Special to American Forces Press Service

MOSUL, Iraq, Jan. 10, 2006 - After years of tyranny
and war, the children of Iraq have almost nothing and are very grateful for each
gift they receive.Lana Aziz, an Iraqi citizen and junior engineer for the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, coordinates the collection and distribution of shoes
and school supplies for Iraqi children. With each gift she gives to a needy
child, she also gives joy and hope to their lives.

When it comes to the legitimacy of the war, hundreds of hours of debate ranging from interpreting the UN to digging up bodies in the sand dunes of Iraq are the norm. But there is one thing that can play on emotion and can spur a smile from even the most pessimistic.

When a child looks into the eyes of a soldier who has just handed them school supplies, you have to wonder, “what would it be like if these supplies never made it?” or “how less educated would these children be, and how different would the Iraqi future be?” It’s an honest question, and it’s an honest gesture. Bringing hope to children is something some in the U.S. have been fighting for for generations. How is the future of Iraqi children any different?

If Alito Fails

Which he may, with all the bad press about him. I think the best option for the President would be a moderate Libertarian nominee. I have faith that they would, because it is their ideology, stay true to Constitution and would dedicate themselves to being neutral. Also, they would support business and cut-backs on tax and all that good stuff all us Conservatives like; while upholding the rights mentioned and not mentioned in the Constitution.

I think that is the right choice, if Alito does not succeed at getting appointed.

The Young Conservatives

Blog Recruiting

Well, we have fallen into a spot; where we are not we anymore, it is just me. Therefore I look silly because of my chosen name for this site "The Young Conservatives" gives the impression that there more than one person writing here. But Jake has not been able to post, so I need some more writers. So if you in any way define yourself as any type of Conservative, please send me, via email, a writing sample; and your self-described stance.

I also have noticed the uninhabited enthusiasm in people with the open topic, I won't do that again.

The Young Conservatives


Since I have to..

Since I am required by my readers (if I actually have anyway), to post at least once a day, and I am far to tired to do so today; I label this an open discussion post. Just post anything that relates to politics- your views, if you hate Bush, whathaveyou. Just post, silly, serious- but it should relate in some way to politics. Tell me how much you love the blog, what you don't like about it, how you hate my guts- I don't care, but something to do with politics (including this blog {since we are so influential in that aspect}). Have fun.

The Young Conservatives


Dean RefusesTo Admit His Guilt

In an interesting twist, Howard Dean (The Frontman for the New Age Liberal Conservative-Haters), refuses to admit that Donation money stemming from Abramoff linked tribes was not linked to Abramoff. Then he said that no Abramoff money went to Democrats. Which we know is a lie. Thanks to The Political Teen for this one.

The Young Conservatives

New Update on Town Hall Meetings

News has come out that at another Town Hall "meeting" a veteran spoke up and slammed the anti-Iraq War representatives. For full details go to Mudville Gazette. All I want to say about this (and I don't have as much as I usually do) is that it is great that people are standing up to these naysayers. They say troop morale is low, and then our Veterans come and refute them. I hope The Daily Kos saw that.
Please Visit my past Article entitled "Murtha, Moran Just Say No" to find out what the hell I am talking about.

The Young Conservatives


Murtha, Moran Just Say No

In a 'Town Hall Meeting' on Iraq, they claimed that they would not seek impeachment of Bush. Moran went on about how he is never supported Impeachment because it's "Undemocratic", and that impeachment isn't the way to handle the "problem".

First of all, the reason they are not seeking impeachment is probably because they have no reason to impeach Bush. Attempting to do so would make them look like idiots. Second of all, Impeachment is not undemocratic, it is a Constitutional Priviledge given to them. Then Moran blames an overrun Republican Congress on the reason why he can't impeach. Sounds to me as if he is trying to spin the reasons.

Anyways, the best part was when a Afghanistan Veteran came up and spoke- see more details about the "smackdown" (as Kos loves to put it) on Murtha and Moran by this guy at The Political Teen. Even More at The Mudville Gazette. See Michelle Malkin for Video.

The Young Conservatives

Abramoff, DeLay, And Alito

Today I have Three Topics that I will discuss, obviously they are about Abramoff, DeLay, And Alito; and how liberal extremists are behind all of them or are spinning it in such a way that we need to recant their excalamations for them.

Abramoff: I just want to remind all of us that Abramoff is as much a Republican scandal as a Democratic scandal. Although the left doesn't want you to know it, The Daily Kos:
"Remember, Abramoff didn't give a dime to Democrats"
Wow, I think that is Libel because here is the list at The Blue State Conservatives. The fact is, as Republicans, we see those who accepted that money as scumbags, they (the liberal extremists) are blind to their own politicians. Never mind Hillary accepted money, nevermind Reid accepted money, nevermind Boxer accepted money; no, only Republicans count in this scandal. Liars and Willful Ignorance makes up the majority of that "New Age Liberalism". Which Leads to my next topic.

DeLay: He stepped down, claiming his innocence and ethics (which may exist, but we can't take that chance), which is a huge relief for Republicans, who (contrary to what Kos thinks) are not doing it to reassure their innocence, but because we don't like dirty Politicians. Good Riddance I say, everyone mentioned on that list needs to accept the responsibility and resign. Now people are making Charity donation in the sum of what they recieve. This is not fine. The problem is not that they had money, but that they recieved it. Unfortunately, they don't get this; because they want to stay in office. Well fine, but we will remember come November. Next Topic:

Alito: I urge all Republican Senators to accept Alito. He has a great record as a Judge and is clean of Judicial Activism. Which the 'liberals' are suddenly afraid of after deteriorating our constitution for over 70 years. Suddenly it's wrong, but in the 1930's it was okay. They twisted our Constitution to allow for Social Security, which even the proprietors of it knew was not Constitutional. But suddenly we need "Litmus Tests". So now Alito is in a Catch 22, if he answers his opinions to the Senators, it will be unconstitutional due to the fact that Judges are supposed to be Neutral, but if he doesn't answer (Quote Daily Kos)
"Because he has had some very strong statements, he is under an obligation to accept or refute those," Mr. Schumer said, "and if he just tries to avoid them, the assumption will be made that he still believes them."
Bull he has an obligation to accept or refute those, he has an obligation to be neutral; so that is quite convenient for Democrats. So, the next time a Liberal says that God was only put into the Pledge of Alliegance in the 1950's, tell them; as were Senatorial Confirmations.

I hope you learned something today

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P.S. I am going to try to make it in Don Surber's Best of the Posts, so wish me good luck alright?


Judge Sentences Serial Rapist of Child to a Mere 60 Days Jail Time

See the News here as to understand my commentary.

This is a derangement on our Constitution, Our Judiciary System, and every person that has ever been a victim of a rape. This is Judiciary Activism, which should not be tolerated at this level. It is not his job to decide the law, but a legistlators. Impeach him I say. I hope they repeal the decision. Ugh. Disgusting.


More Information at Conservative Thinking

Governator Turned Progressive

Recently, Arnold gave his State of the State speech, which turned out to be a Union-Appeasing, Money-Dumping, Big-Spending, talk about how it's time to "fix up California" which included deepening our already morbidly obese deficit. This was and is not why he is the Governor, he is in there to cut spending, to crack-down on Pork and Illegal Immigration, not to throw more money to further the overdose on socialism. We elected him to not be one of 'those' politicians, to do what he went in there to do, no matter how it effected his role as a Governor or re-election. This is disgusting, pick yourself off the ground Arnold, just because your initiatives didn't pass does not mean that you are not going to get re-elected. People just did not care about it that much because it was an unimportant (in their eyes) special election. There is a reason we are called the Silent Majority, and it isn't because we go out in huge numbers for initiatives we have no hope that will pass. But we come out in those real elections, and if people are riled enough, you will not serve another term. I am an Arnold supporter, but if he continues on this track, I may recant my support. Here is another look at his speech (a little more postive) at California Conservative. And another negative one at Right Wing News. Also check out the Local Liberty Blog.




I am starting to regret taking a break. We now only have about 5 visitors a day, where we had about 50 before.

In other news, the Liberals are regarding the Abramoff Scandal as a Republican downfall. Yet, many top democrats are among the top recipients of his illicit scandal. Harry Reid, Boxer, just to name a few.

Of course, the media is painting this the same way; showing that they are not conservatively biased.


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Good Old "Reliable And Accurate" Media

As most of you know, the media f-ed up. They claim that all these miners are alive off of no proof, and then they blame everyone else for it.

On another note, Kos had two articles which clearly showed his ignorance of the Constitution. The First being that he claimed that the President does not have the power to tell his Executive Board to act, which is clearly untrue and if he knew better; He would know that the President has that power, which is not checked by Congress but by the Judiciary Branch who have admitted they knew about it. The Second being that Kos claimed that Bush does not have the power to appoint people to the Executive Branch during a recess of the senate. Which is clearly refuted by this passage in the Constitution:
The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session.
Back to the Media: Why and how is it that so many people trust the media? I don't understand it, especially after this 'incident'. This was an outrage and frankly, someone needs to get fired. The media, by taking that role, commit themselves to a oath to give the truth to the public. But when they break that oath, they do a disservice to the first amendment, which grants them the freedom of printing truth.


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