Bleh. That Is What Today Feels Like. Bleh.

No real news other than more NSA reports. The Daily Kos is still in denial over the fact that what Bush did was not illegal. They are claiming that it was warrantless Domestic wiretaps, while we in reality; those of us who are not under the extremist tent, know otherwise.

More Anti-Israeli sentiment coming from Iran and other Muslim groups. On that topic, Captains Quarters reported on the movie based on the Munich Massacre aptly named "Munich". Evidently the movie provides "metrosexual, sensitive" Mossad agents that question their duty.

On the ANWR drilling, I have no absolute opinion, as I have no evidence to back up my beliefs. But, I believe that is not right to drill for oil in a Wildlife Refuge. I believe that this will only increase our oil dependency, and while it is not other's oil we depend on, we need to wean ourselves off it none the less. The Oil will only provide us for thirty years, then what? We go back to relying on some dictator's oil. The sooner we get off the stuff, the better. We, as we have done in the past, will adapt to live without it or in lesser amounts, and when we do; we can cut our ties from most of the world.

For too long has America policed the world, it is time we threw down our cuffs, and stop caring about what the rest of the world thinks of us. I am intolerant of ungrateful people, why should I be tolerant of ungrateful countries? The UN is not helping; look at Iran, look at Syria, look at Africa, look at the genocide they have not helped with.

The only thing that keeps me interested in foreign affairs is the insured security of Israel. If it were not for us, the UN would have long ago destroyed this outpost for people that have been hated for centuries. If our country keeps moving left, the new liberal anti-Israel faction will destroy it.

Sorry for the Rambling--Again no real news.



More Proof.

I found this while rooting around at California Conservative

U.S. Army Digs Up Weapons Cache in Iraq

AP reports: “U.S. soldiers in the northern Iraqi desert dug up more than 1,000 aging rockets and missiles wrapped in plastic, some of which were buried as recently as two weeks ago, Army officials said Tuesday.”

Weapons. Buried. Imagine that.

Simply Amazing. Funny, Daily Kos did not mention anything about this. Perhaps, they are selective in what they use to indoctrinate. Yes, I abhor the Daily Kos.

Mad As Hell


Well, the proof is in. Iraq is officially a Democracy; the Sunni's are claiming that there was election fraud. Reminds me of our own elections in 2004. It's funny, but I believe that this really shows that people now have a say. A few years ago, had they complained an election was rigged; they would have been slaughtered. I am sure there was no fraud, but it's good to see that people are accepting the benefits of Democracy. I believe that I have not commented on the elections yet, so I shall. It is amazing, beautiful; to see these people coming out of the polls with purple fingers. You see the smiling faces and I have to ask myself, why are people against this war? Why do they refuse to believe we are helping? Those fingers, those smiles say otherwise.

I am growing disgusted at how the Democrats are eating Lieberman alive; I hate it when ourside does it to our politicians, I hate it when the other side does it. It is not the DNC's job to tell Lieberman how to represent his people, only the people have that power.

Anyways; Happy Holidays



How Soon They Forget.

It seems to me that the Liberals today (not to say Conservatives have not done this in the past) seem to look over History, even from six years ago. Does anyone remember Echelon? Or Carnivore? Yet, I hear little of those. Congress is acting betrayed, yet the President says that they were informed of these international taps. Echelon allowed domestic taps, Carnivore inspected all emails based on keywords. Also, I would like to remind Congress that the President can tell the executive branch to do anything even that which is against the Constitution, but it is the Supreme Court's job to make sure his decisions are Constitutional.

I am growing increasinly sick of the "I can't believe it" mentality that politicians, Republicans and Democrats are taking to cover their perverbially arses. I also find it interesting that the media releases this "info" which is the result of a leak, at a time when Bush's poll ratings are up. I hate to go into that Conspiracy Theory bull, mainly because it is reminiscent of the Extremist Left-Wing, but it is also prudence that guides me to that belief. I will not however, come out and say that this is true, for it is merely my belief. This information also comes at a time when Congress is voting on the Patriot Act Extension, which worries me. I do not love the Patriot Act, it is a tool that can too easily be turned against the American people, but I feel secure that as long as the American people are wary of the Government; it will not.

So, to the American People; including myself (I being a Proud American) I say to you: Stay Wary, Stay Vigilant, and Above All, Get involved in Government, whether it be protesting the war, or demanding illegal immigration reform; without you, we cannot be a democracy.

The Ever Paranoid

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Liberals: "Big Brother Is Coming, Big Brother Is Coming"

I was reading a post at The Daily Kos, as I do sometimes, and I noticed that they had gotten some facts wrong. They believe that Bush was spying on Domestic homes, while according to La Shawn Barber, This statement is false. The spying is in fact happening on international communications. While I read the Washington Post article, I was horrified, yet knowing that media; they take everything out of proportion. It's a good thing we have bloggers like Michelle Malkin, to clear all that up. Her article makes light of the end-of-the world excitement that is going around the liberal camp. Outside The Beltway clarifies all this by stating that monitoring domestic homes would be a near impossible task and would not be undertaken by the NSA.
As to the searches themselves, there's not enough information here to cause a red flag to go up. Presumably, the NSA doesn't have the time or inclination to eavesdrop on random Americans, preferring instead to concentrate their efforts on those whom they reasonably believe are tied to terrorists.

So I say to you all who believe all this propaganda and spin set forth by the "Conservative" Media to make Bush look bad, look harder. Think Clearer. Stop Drinking that Kool-Aid!


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Democrat accused of dead voters in election

Wait, what's this? A Democrat has been found to be committing Voter fraud? How can this be? According to many members of The Daily Kos, all Democrats are good people. Don't fool yourself if you believe one political belief is evil and the other is good. Corruption can be found anywhere, it just seems that whoever is in power at the time, are the one's who are focused on. Can't wait till they get Boxer on gerrymandering, which, incidentally is the crime that they got DeLay on. We shall see how this plays out and hopefully this will open the eyes of the extremists.



This Just In: My Prediction Was Correct

If you read my last post you would know that I predicted a post on Daily Kos blaming Bush in some way. Here's the proof:

You Are On to Something (none / 1)

Seriously, I wonder how much the [White House] PAID to plant this story. Me thinks this one is just setting the table for the many more planted propaganda stories intended to support our NOT leaving Iraq completely.

Oh withdraw troops? Sure. Just enough to try to secure the election in 2006. Then redeploy the redeployed back to Iraq in, oh say, December 2006? "You bet. Who Knew?"

by talex on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 05:30:06 PM PDT
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Interesting isn't it? The way these people (the left-wing extremists) is so predictable. Why? Because they are all drinking the kool-aid.


Al-Zarqawi Set Free

Evidently Iraqi security forces set him free because they quote "didn't know who he was". Well if this doesn't show you that we need to be in there until these guys are competent enough to handle it on their own, I don't know what will. The Daily Kos will most likely put up a post telling everyone that is was Karl Rove or Bush who set this up to reinforce our presence. Well, this happened because Iraq isn't ready for us to leave yet. Hopefully, with that 25 Million dollar bounty on his head; he will be caught in the next few days before he can kill another hundred people.


Law That Allows In-State Tuitions For Illegals Is Being Challenged

The Law that allows Illegal Immigrants to pay the lower in-state tuition is being challenged by some Legal Out-of-state students. "The 2002 law allows the in-state rates for students who attended a California high school for at least three years, graduated from one and sign an affidavit declaring that they will seek to become legal residents as soon as it is feasible." This is total Bull. The lower prices for State residents is not because they live in the state or went to highschool in the state, it is because their parents pay taxes in that state to keep that school running. Illegal Immigrants do not pay California taxes, Ohio parents who sent their children to boarding school in California don't pay California Taxes. Therefore, they should recieve absolutely no cut in the tuition.

No matter what anyone says, this was a law directed to Illegals. What bugs me most about this is that they get all these benefits that normal citizens get and more who pay taxes, yet they aren't citizens at all, and pay no taxes. I am sick of people living on the taxpayer's dime without contributing anything themselves. Just another reason why we are losing 12 billion on these people every year.


Iran President Opens His Anti-Semetic Mouth Once Again

According to the Iranian President the Holocaust was "Fabricated". This is amazing, either he is really stupid, or purposely trying to provoke Israel. I think it is the latter, and that, I believe is proof that they have something behind their backs. We have made claims that they are building Nukes, and if they do, perhaps Iran is willing to have Israel attack them. Those who dissented against this opinion were allegedly slaughtered. So, I guess this is all a part of Operation: "Wipe Israel off the Map".

This guy needs a history lesson, some duck tape to cover his mouth, and some lessons in international policy. If this escalades to war between Iran and Israel, I have no doubt that Israel will come out victorious; only to be ridiculed by the Radical Left for defending themselves.


Something Completely Different

This post will be dedicated to my blog and everything in relation to it.

First Item: I am sure a lot of you have noticed that upon arriving the title gives the impression that there are more than one posters. This is true, but recently, Jake just has had nothing to say, and so; he didn't say anything at all. I hope you all just disregard this fact and just immerse yourselves in my posts for the time being.

Second Item: I think The Political Teen hates me. Yes, hates me. I have absolutely no idea why, but everytime I try to leave a trackback, they delete it.

Third Item: I want to thank you all who are visit regularly and comment. All your posts are helping to make this blog create a better atmosphere.

Fourth Item: I highly dislike the Daily Kos.

Last Item: Please post comments regarding what you would like to see regarding improvements etc.



True Charity

For those of you who are looking for ways to dodge your taxes this month, or you are just in a charitable mood; I have found a great place to put that hard-earned money of yours."The Victims Of Communism Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established by an Act of Congress to build a memorial in Washington, DC to commemorate the more than 100 million victims of communism; to honor those who successfully resisted communist tyranny; to educate current and future generations about communism's crimes against humanity; and to pay tribute to those who helped win the Cold War."

That about sums it up. But, I just want to urge you how important this means to all the families, friends of the dead, and others who were effected by Communism. The fact that communism is becoming acceptable in the mainstream, is a disgrace to all those who died trying to end it. Communism is not a good thing; while I respect a person's right to believe in it; they have to know, it does not work, it will never work, and it has (although it has not existed very long) caused more suffering than any other political belief. Just say no, to communism.


Ding Dong The Tookie is Dead

As I suspected, our Governator rejected Tookie's clemency plea, and thus; Tookie was put to death late last night (or very early this morning). Charged of killing four people in cold-blood, he has served Thirty or so years on death row. Recently he had been playing the "Redemption" card as to persuade others to believe his claim of innocence. Reverend Jesse Jackson showed up to support Tookie and make his default accusations that racism was involved with the trial, but according to KFI640, he knew very little (and cared very little) about the victims and the case in general. This was apparent in their claims that the penalty was a result of an all white jury; which was not the case at all. Counter-protesters showed up and were immediately called racists and allegedly had water bottles thrown at them. The people responsible for the Save Tookie campaign used Propaganda and one-sided tactics in attempts to dissuade the public in believing that he was guilty; they, the black community leaders, claimed that they were against the Death Penalty in general, but where were they at the other Death Penalty cases? Next month another killer will get the penalty; we shall see if they are truly anti-death penalty or just racists themselves.


Check out The Political Teen for video and more information.


The Tide is Once Again Shifting

The Economy is up, Jobs are up, Bush's poll results are up; man it's a good day. Looks like the Democrats screams to immediately retreat from Iraq are boosting Bush's approval rating. So, of course; The Daily Kos this propaganda about how Congress voted to keep the Tax Cuts (which are for everybody) "The GOP Tax Cuts: The Poor Sacrificing For The Rich". Need I remind them that the tax cuts benefited everyone, and that the "Rich" are still paying very high income taxes on money that they earned themselves. They whine all the time about discrimination, but leveled taxation is discrimination; just not in the normal sense of the word. Economic Discrimination is leveled taxation, the wealthy are being penalized for being successful, while the poor are being rewarded for (in many cases) doing nothing.

More proof that the Media is Liberal: "
Men, whites, Catholics boost Bush in latest AP poll". Who else would racialize and genderize the reason Bush's poll ratings are up. (This was a title taken from a USATODAY article).

Meanwhile, The Liberals are thrashing the "War on Christmas" idea every day. So while I think the war on christmas is silly, the Liberals are trying to rid the world of Religion and morals. They are also trying to rid the world of Judaism; claiming once again that they are all racists and that is why Israel needs to be shoved into the sea. And Though I am not Religious in anyway, the only way that the liberals will take my bible is when they pry it from my "Cold Dead Hands".

Happy (Insert Religious Holiday Here)


One of those days again

I am so fed up with this partisan B.S. that everyone and everything has. I am fed up with the Political Stereotyping that occurs between the left and right. I am fed up with the politicizing of everything under the sun. I am fed up with the self-proclaimed "minorities" who call everything racism and police brutality. Stop using that excuse. "The only reason they want to kill Tookie is because he is black", well let me tell you something; the only reason you are out there protesting the Death Penalty is because Tookie is black. Where were you when the executions of white men were taking place? All these groups claim they don't support him because of his color, but the fact that they are against the death penalty. Well they are liars. They are racists themselves. This guy kills 4 innocent people for no reason, he starts a gang that kills thousands of people, he is charged with this crime; he has used up all of his appeals; even the ninth circuit, the most liberal appellate, court upholds his execution. This guy is guilty, but they say because he has written several children's books that his is worthy of freedom. Even more, he has been nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Peace Literature Prize. Let me tell you, this book is hardly sold any copies, though they claim it has saved the lives of thousands of kids. Also it is a pile of garbage. Tookie is a killer, and he needs to face his penalty.

Anyways, what happened to that era in which political philosophers sat around a table and just discussed politics? Now, everything is used against you; suddenly you are called fascist for believing in certain things; you are unamerican for believing other things.

You may say that my site is partisan, but not in the way that I do not welcome a dissenting voice; anyone that discourages this is in violation of the first amendment. Sites like Daily Kos uphold the belief that if you disagree that means you are a troll. The Liberal Forum however, allows that dissenting voice thereby being much more of intrinsic value. Confinement from a dissenting voice allows that person to go deeper and deeper into the radicalism that is seen on the Daily Kos. Only through a balance can moderation and a better world evolve. We all need to realize this.

Slighty Annoyed


Blanco Reveals "Evidence"

Documents were released by Blanco that "proved" it was not her fault. However, the documents are after the Hurricane hit, thereby leaving the documents that cited Bush's request for her to allow troops to be sent ignored. Need she be reminded that they had school buses, but the mayor failed to utilize them. While a city nearby had no trouble evacuating their own city. Blanco also fails to realize that Bush cannot micromanage every single detail; that is why Governors and Mayors exist. Sure, FEMA was a little slow, but those supplies were under the jurisdiction of the mayor; therefore the food should have been in the stadium.

Happy Holidays

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Apologies All Around.

I am very sorry that I have not been able to post recently. But, my enthusiasm for posting has waned due to the pressure I am under during the College application time.

More corruption was found in the GOP when Cunningham admitted he had taken bribes. There is no doubt that others have done just the same (including the Democrats), but I think it is time for me to state that this cannot continue. We need to clean out our corrupted party, and refresh it with new, untainted blood. These bureaucrats have tarnished the Republican name; these people are supposed to represent us, they are not. Democrats are loving this; they claim that because these people are corrupt, the whole part is. This certainly is not true, but it is true that we need to clean house. Until we do, we will never be able to win another presidential election; we will never be able to connect with new generations. We must wash out the corruption and in doing so, insure the prosperity of the Grand Old Party.

I also think it is time to unsegregate politics. What happened to the philosophers who used to gather at halls and just discuss politics, no matter their take. Why has it become insulting to voice a different opinion. Why do we demonize those who have different politics. I see this everyday on DailyKos. They discriminate against our politics, and we discriminate against their politics. This cannot continue. If this does not end, our country will undoubtably lead to civil war.

Happy Holidays