We Need A Fence!

Momentum builds for fence along U.S.-Mexican border
A once-radical idea to build a 2,000-mile steel-and-wire fence on the U.S.-Mexican border is gaining momentum amid warnings that terrorists can easily sneak into the country.

In Congress, a powerful Republican lawmaker this week proposed building such a fence across the entire border and two dozen other lawmakers signed on. And via the Internet, a group called weneedafence.com has raised enough money to air TV ads warning that the border is open to terrorists.

Even at the Homeland Security Department, which opposes building a border-long fence, Secretary Michael Chertoff this fall waived environmental laws so that construction can continue on a 14-mile section of fence near San Diego that has helped border agents stem the flow of illegal migrants and drug runners

I checked this out and I must say, I like the idea. Illegal Immigration is a problem and the longer we do nothing about it, the more likely it is that an increasing number of terrorists will take advantage of this situation. Building a state-of-the-art fence would greatly reduce the number of illegals that come over the border. A fence such as this was built in Israel and has helped to reduce terrorism by 95%. It's time our President accepted the necessity for a fence to protect us, which would be not only beneficial for us citizens, but for his approval rating. If a terrorist comes in through the border, he is going to be blamed for saying this is going to cost too much; which the Libs will accuse him letting this happen; even though they severely oppose it. Anyways; Please comment. Let's start a discussion, I want to hear your opinions. Also check out: weneedafence.com for more information.

The Young Conservatives


Goggalor's Book Club

I thought that I would mention two extraordinary books that I have either read or heard about that have intrigued me.

Michelle Malkin, as you know, is a Conservative writer with a blog that has been considered a threat to Liberalism since the beginning. She has now wrote a book that rips apart the Mono-Elitist Liberalist beliefs that all Liberals are good people and all Conservatives are malicious and evil people. The book is titled "Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild". Thankfully, I have taken the time to read it and I must say, it is quite humorous and depressing; the previous for the silliness of these people, but the latter for the effect of what they have done. While it is relatively short in comparison to the true number of acts set upon the world by the unhinged, it does the job by showing the truth about the situation. I highly recommend this book. Her blog is here.

As for the other book, "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles In Liberal Hypocrisy" by Peter Shweizer (the author who wrote the biography on Reagan). Although I have not been able to read this book, as it was sold out by the time I got to the bookstore, I heard the author speak about his book to The Heritage Foundation. This book takes 11 or so outspoken liberals, looks at the ideas they promote and shows how they do not follow the rules they set or wish to set themselves. This book sounded very intriguing; and by my interest alone, I suggest this book.

That's all for Goggalor's Book Club this time.

The Young Conservatives


Into the Abyss of Mono-Elitist Liberals

I find in my daily dealings with the MEL's that they tend to be younger or very ideological, but hate to be challenged. Their belief that only the Democratic party is correct seems to stem from the need to demonize the Republicans. To affirm the belief that all Republicans are evil they have to delude themselves that all Democrats are good people. Not true. In recent posts of mine, I have listed things acted upon me by them. I do this not to complain or to whine, but to show the truth. To show the Libocracy. These people claim to be open-minded, yet I see more hateful words ooze out of their abyss of a mouth, then I do on the other side. I am saddened by the way this country is going. I love freedom and rights and liberty. Yet it is my belief that as our country becomes increasingly liberal, we move to the destruction of the United States as we know it. These revolutionaries that are driving the liberal agenda today will stop at nothing to achieve their tried and failed ideals. Inevitably they, when they achieve enough power and the only people in their way are the conservatives, will call for the destruction, the death of every Conservative. They will cry for peace while they simultaneously chop off the heads of their fellow Americans for the sole reason that they are Conservative. I see revolution in the future. Not a revolution of ideas, but of political views; it will be a bloody battle in which no one wins. Our country is already splitting into two factions, it can be seen in the hateful commentary of sites like Daily Kos, but also in the anti-Liberal beliefs in several groups of conservatives. We cannot allow our country to be severed in this way. We can not allow our country to fall into the Abyss of the Mono-Elitist Liberals, we must have rights for everyone; not just them.

The Young Conservatives


The "Silenced" Are Silencing the Silent Majority

The other day I was in the mood for basic debate (as I am prone to do when I wish to further expand my knowledge of an issue) so I decided to head into the behemoth beehive of biased bullship itself. That's right. I went to the Daily Kos. I signed up, did all the necessary stuff, including check the rules (nothing was stated about no conservatives allowed). So, I started debating about the propositions (California). Note: my signature was this-

A Conservative"

I was accused of pretending to be a progressive so I could "manipulate" their minds. I was accused of "appeasing to their sense of fairness" (this was in regard to prop.77, which was about equalizing the playing field for representatives by eliminating the rampant gerrymandering) to change their minds. That person further stated that only Democrats are fair and equal. They stated how they are voting down the propositions based on the sole fact that a republican created it.

The Daily Kos (which is supposedly "progressive") exclaims about how they support free speech, equality, no discrimination. Yet I was immediately discriminated against. They said I was a lowly being; a piece of dirt, based on my beliefs. They are the real nazis. I always knew that hate would always come in the form of peace. They claim that the goals justify the means. The rules behind their comment rating system is that you (the rater) should judge the comments based on the quality and not the belief behind it. Kos himself disobeys his rules as well as the members. They gave me zeros (Super-Troll) for just posting about how and why I supported prop. 77. I am no troll. I was one of the few who did not curse, who could spell, and who had a well formulated response. Yet I am the troll. So I was banned not from the site, but from commenting. They effectively ducktaped my mouth. I am being silenced by those who support rights. These rights obviously do not apply to conservatives. I checked out Red State (the exact opposite of the Daily Kos) and while they clearly stated that the board was intended for Republicans, liberals were free to use it as long as their responsed were pertinent to the topics and not just obtrusive junk.

More than anything is the obtusiveness of some of the members. They can not allow ALLOW themselves to vote Republican. Anyone who "can not" vote for the better candidate no matter their personal politics should not be allowed the priveledge to vote. How is this beneficial to our system? How do we achieve compromise if we continuously rape the system by contemptously voting only this way or another. This is why Ted "The Swimmer" "Happy Hour" *hiccup* Kennedy keeps getting re-elected. Republicans do it to; which shames me, but I find it more in Democrats. They also, for no reason at all, characterize with prejudice all Republicans and Conservatives. Apparently we are all hateful, money-grubbing, agenda-driven fascists. They believe that all republicans are corrupt. Yet Democrats have had their fair share (over 180 in the past few years) of Poll Fraud. Yet they believe, because DeLay was indicted of Gerrymandering (which for some reason they support in California), that all Republicans are this way. They believe that if Person A is corrupt Persons B-Z are corrupt. Well, that's like saying that because Black Guy A did some crimes that Black Guy B-Z are criminals. Discrimination only exists when it comes from Republicans and rich white people and not to them. This is why I will never be a Liberal; never. They may say some dumb quote from an Churchill that young Conservatives have no heart, but I know; In my "non-existent" heart, that I am above the ignorant lybocracy (Liberal+Hypocracy) and that they show their true colors, their true "open-mindedness" when they are challenged mentally.

Note: These statements are not limited to, but mostly consistent with the Mono-Elitist Liberals (Elitist Groups of Liberals that believe in love and freedom for only Liberals, These people hate anyone with differing opinions. They only believe themselves to be correct, they do not see that everyone has a different perspective. They are only open-minded when it comes to the Left-Wing). Also, their were a few truly open-minded individuals there. Just not many.

The Young Conservatives

P.S. Evil often comes in the guise of beauty. Evil often craves Freedom, Rights, and Liberty; but only for themselves. Mono-Elitist Liberalism is an appeasing evil that will inevitably desecrate our Constitution.

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Should Libby Be Pardoned?

I do not think he should be given pardon for leaking that information. Not only would it be a bad political move for Bush, but it would also affirm (in Liberal minds) that there are deeper roots in the perverbial tree than what has already been discovered. Apart from the political aspect, I believe that there needs to be punishment for such actions, because no one should be exempt from the judicial process. If we allow people to forgoe this process, then they are effectively "above the law." When the law becomes nonexistent to a select few, equality becomes nonexistent as well. We must mantain our freedom, rights, and our equality; therefore, Libby must not be pardoned.

The Young Conservatives


Blowing Smoke up our Donkeys

Movies inspire children to smoke
By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY
Smoking depicted in the movies is a primary reason children ages 10 to 14 try cigarettes, a study reports today.

The study, the first national one of its kind, finds that 38% of young smokers took up the habit because of tobacco use on the big screen. Researchers surveyed 532 movies and found smoking in 74% of them.

Authors say they interviewed more than 6,500 children across the country and considered 21 other factors that influence young people's smoking, such as television viewing and parental permissiveness, says James Sargent, a professor of pediatrics at Dartmouth Medical School.
Well, I love this. Blaming movies. The article goes on to say that a group wants any movie containing smoking should automatically get an R rating. Of course, it's not the kid's fault for actually buying the ciggarette after all the anti-smoking propaganda thats thrown in their faces by the school board. It's not the kids fault for smoking it even though the label has a warning on it. It's not the parent's fault for not caring. It's the movies. What kind of dumbdonkey kid thinks that smoking is cool? "Dude, let's go smoke and like in our fifties we can spit up tar all day while we choke on our own mucas that is created to sustain our corrupted lungs", "Cool man...Cool". Any kid who seriously thinks that just because Mr. Moviestar in The Movie: The Movie's Revenge smokes, he should; should be slapped. Twice. Or three times. Maybe a fourth just in case. Anyways; I was also reading about a bill that would ban smoking within a radius of 20 of any building; which would make you have to stand in the street to smoke. Based on a study that showed 7% of people had a slightly increased chance of cancer, but could not prove that it was the Second hand smoking that did that, because the test could not be controlled. So the activists shove faulty results in front of our faces, merely to perpetuate their distaste for the smell of smoke. I do not deny that Smoking causes damage, because it does; but I can deny that Second hand smoking does. We also don't take into account that Smoke is just a gas that we breath daily anyway. So banning it outside is ridiculous. Smog does worse damage to us. Please.



How about that Alito Character?

Interesting, interesting, interesting. Those Democrats are always whining at whomever would be chosen. First the President was weak to provide a moderate Female. Now the President is Hitler for providing a conservative male. We have come a long way to just throw away an exalted position just because of someones ethinicity, gender, race, sexual affiliation, and personal beliefs. President Bush decided to forgo quality and nominate Miers based on the sole fact she was a "minority". Probably none of these things other than quality and political affiliations came into play in Bush's decision to nominate "Machine-Gun" Alito. Why is everything about race with Liberals? Why can't we just move on? They are like that irritating friend that brings up past mistakes that will never happen again. "Remember that time you ran that light, because of that I don't think you can drive." If they were to just "go with the flow" they (and the rest of the world) would soon find that racial problems will be classified no longer as "problems." For those of you who are confused why I called Alito "MachineGun" Alito; it is because that is what the anti-gun protection people were calling him because he doesn't think guns should be banned. I guess they haven't looked at the Constitution for a while; if ever. None of the things I just said really matter, because all Liberal Congressmen think about is "Roe V Wade.Roe V Wade. Roe V Wade. Roe V Wade." That is the litmus test; yet this is, or should not be part of the Supreme Court election process. Whether he does or does not personally support abortion has no relevance to his ability to be a Supreme Court Judge. Well, that's my two cents. Tell me what you think.