Alright, this has little to do with politics..but Jesus..

One of my favorite blogs, Right Thoughts, recently had an article talking about this cat that the owner wanted to Euthenize. Now, the owner went to the Vet to put down a cat they had owned for 10 years, which was in perfect health. The owner wanted to get rid of it, not just take it to get adopted, TO KILL IT for the sole purpose that the owner's new puppies did not get along with the cat. So, instead of keeping them seperated, the owner is so goddam lazy that they will just get the cat killed. Fortunately, the Vet (whom I must thank) refused to put the cat down. I just wanted to bring this up because I am sickened that people can just do this kind of thing. The cat is a LIVING being; yet they treat animals like they are not living things at all; they treat them like old toys. Here is a link to the full article by JimK. I hope somebody can adopt this cat if they can.

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