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From Blogs For Bush:

According to the Associated Press, the Democrats are going to make one last attempt to delay the confirmation of Judge Alito.

Despite the fact that Alito got the highest rating from the ABA, and handled himself tremendously well during the hearings, the Democrats seem determined to pretend they are not the minority party.

Let's be honest here. Every single Democrat knows how they are going to vote on Alito. They don't need more time. He's answered their questions and nothing he could say will change their votes. The Democrats have turned the hearings into a circus. They tired to derail his nomination over CAP and Vanguard... both issues which have been cleared up, making the Democrats look ridiculous for devoting so much energy on them.

It's time to move forward with the nomination. No more delays. It's time for a vote.

I have to agree with this statement, after those Confirmation hearings, I think that any sensible person could agree that Alito is ready and qualified for the Supreme Court. Now for the Daily Kos Stupid Quote of The Week!

Yes, there are NO pro-choice Republicans.

And all you Democratic Senators who dream of being President someday, remember that Alito is 55, he'll be around for a while. And when you want to call yourself pro-choice when you run for President, I guarantee you someone will be there to remind folks how you voted on the Samuel Alito nomination.

That's a lie if I ever heard one, I personally know a Republican who is Pro-Choice. The fact that this Armando guy says this shows the bigotist attitude these Liberals have towards Conservatism these days. I would never say that there are No Pro-Life Liberals, because I am sure they exist.

What also irks me is that Supreme Court Nominations and Hearings are for determining a Candidates Qualifaction, not to determine if they are going to be the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg; whom was passed by 98% of the Senate, even though she was clearly Pro-Choice. I think the double-standard these people have (the extremists) is horrific. This just backs up my theory that the majority of the Democratic party no longer represents the majority of the people.


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