Constituents Still Back Lieberman

In a poll that happened a few days ago, Lieberman was confirmed to still have a strong backing, despite the vicious attacks by Left-Wing extremists, including the much overrated Daily Kos. Apparently, he is still leading by enough to keep his seat come November. My analysis: Had this guy been off-base with Democrats, his ass would have been grass; but it's not, because it is not him who is out of touch, but Dean, Daily Kos; and all new-age left-wingers who are. Good for him to show some courage, go against a Party that no longer represents the people and go mainstream- the real mainstream. Democrats need to stop attacking, and start having a position on issues; goals and how they are going to achieve them; instead of maliciously trying to destroy Republicans. They are starting to lose credibility, and frankly; no one wants to vote for someone whose only strategy is the word phrase "Culture of Corruption". F**k you, what about the Democratic "Culture Of Corruption", what about the Democratic "Culture of Extremism"? Hypocrites, and the public knows it. Get back to policy, and stop trying to look like angels; you're politicians, and no one trusts politicians- no matter their beliefs.

So to you Dems out there, tell your congressmen, senators; how you really feel. There is a Silent Majority of Moderate hardworking Dems out there, and you need to speak up. Your Party will never represent you or get elected if you keep quiet. Tell Boxer, Tell Kennedy, Tell MarKOS Zuniga; this isn't what Liberalism is about; it's about peace and liberty and the reach for a perfect society, not baseless attacks that further the political tension and hate between political ideologies. Tell them.