Murtha, Moran Just Say No

In a 'Town Hall Meeting' on Iraq, they claimed that they would not seek impeachment of Bush. Moran went on about how he is never supported Impeachment because it's "Undemocratic", and that impeachment isn't the way to handle the "problem".

First of all, the reason they are not seeking impeachment is probably because they have no reason to impeach Bush. Attempting to do so would make them look like idiots. Second of all, Impeachment is not undemocratic, it is a Constitutional Priviledge given to them. Then Moran blames an overrun Republican Congress on the reason why he can't impeach. Sounds to me as if he is trying to spin the reasons.

Anyways, the best part was when a Afghanistan Veteran came up and spoke- see more details about the "smackdown" (as Kos loves to put it) on Murtha and Moran by this guy at The Political Teen. Even More at The Mudville Gazette. See Michelle Malkin for Video.

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