Abramoff, DeLay, And Alito

Today I have Three Topics that I will discuss, obviously they are about Abramoff, DeLay, And Alito; and how liberal extremists are behind all of them or are spinning it in such a way that we need to recant their excalamations for them.

Abramoff: I just want to remind all of us that Abramoff is as much a Republican scandal as a Democratic scandal. Although the left doesn't want you to know it, The Daily Kos:
"Remember, Abramoff didn't give a dime to Democrats"
Wow, I think that is Libel because here is the list at The Blue State Conservatives. The fact is, as Republicans, we see those who accepted that money as scumbags, they (the liberal extremists) are blind to their own politicians. Never mind Hillary accepted money, nevermind Reid accepted money, nevermind Boxer accepted money; no, only Republicans count in this scandal. Liars and Willful Ignorance makes up the majority of that "New Age Liberalism". Which Leads to my next topic.

DeLay: He stepped down, claiming his innocence and ethics (which may exist, but we can't take that chance), which is a huge relief for Republicans, who (contrary to what Kos thinks) are not doing it to reassure their innocence, but because we don't like dirty Politicians. Good Riddance I say, everyone mentioned on that list needs to accept the responsibility and resign. Now people are making Charity donation in the sum of what they recieve. This is not fine. The problem is not that they had money, but that they recieved it. Unfortunately, they don't get this; because they want to stay in office. Well fine, but we will remember come November. Next Topic:

Alito: I urge all Republican Senators to accept Alito. He has a great record as a Judge and is clean of Judicial Activism. Which the 'liberals' are suddenly afraid of after deteriorating our constitution for over 70 years. Suddenly it's wrong, but in the 1930's it was okay. They twisted our Constitution to allow for Social Security, which even the proprietors of it knew was not Constitutional. But suddenly we need "Litmus Tests". So now Alito is in a Catch 22, if he answers his opinions to the Senators, it will be unconstitutional due to the fact that Judges are supposed to be Neutral, but if he doesn't answer (Quote Daily Kos)
"Because he has had some very strong statements, he is under an obligation to accept or refute those," Mr. Schumer said, "and if he just tries to avoid them, the assumption will be made that he still believes them."
Bull he has an obligation to accept or refute those, he has an obligation to be neutral; so that is quite convenient for Democrats. So, the next time a Liberal says that God was only put into the Pledge of Alliegance in the 1950's, tell them; as were Senatorial Confirmations.

I hope you learned something today

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