"Only the dead have seen the end of war." -Plato

On this blog, and on almost every conservative forum I've seen, small numbers come together anonymously to pontificate what they feal is important-and what they feel is important are almost invariably small, partially insignificant, specific aspects of a more general and comprehensive subject that is of ulitmate importance. As for this blog, the young conservatives, one main issue is going to be the war on terror. People will argue small aspects- oil, WMDS, Saddam's mustache....and these all reflect the larger issue....however the study and concetration of these small things has led to the lack of concetration in the bigger picture. This war is not one on Iraq, or Afghanistan, or anything that particular. This war is on all that are out to destroy progress, capitalism, democracy, starbucks, and most of all, Christianity. This is not a new war. This is a war that has been raging for centuries. This is a war of God. The root for what America, along with most the western world, is found in God. Some deny this, some rebuke it, some can't handle it. However, the facts remain. From the moment Mohommad (sp?) spoke of his religion, a fire had begun. This fire has grown. Politics, history.....all these things are lost in this concept. For those of us that believe in the Bible and God....it would seem odd that war would happen without there being a deeper meaning to it. God would not allow this, or so it would seem. I don't think He has let it happen. With terrorists attacks attacking God's people, and God's people attacking the terrorists....what more proof do you need? THIS WAR CANNOT BE BROKEN DOWN INTO SIMPLE CAUSE AND EFFECT POLITCAL BULLS**T. This war is about something that is beyond any of us. A battle that has been in existence since the begininng. This is all leading to something, something big. This is a matter of God, and I pray that the people of America will abandon their new found virtue of poltical correctness and shout at the top of their lungs that God does exist, that God does have a hand in this war....and most importantly, knowing this, that the people of America (and the world) pick up their swords (I mean this literally with Jake...) and fight for God. Amen.

and by the way, because this war has always been, it will also always be. Attempts to stop it are done fruitlessly.

The Young Conservatives