The So-called "Peace-Lovers"

It's become more and more apparent to me over the past five years that all the activism and non-violent protesting in the world will do precisely squat. When you're dealing with evil people who have no shame, the old rules of the game don't and, indeed, can't apply if you have any hope for success. Hundreds of thousands of people have marched, millions of letters have been written, tens of millions of votes cast, and hundreds of trillions of electrons expended pontificating on blogs...for nothing. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Not unless it comes in the form of something akin to the French Revolution.

We need terror. We need horror. We need the streets running awash in rivers of blood of these thugs and criminals and zealots. Activism didn't prevent 60,000 deaths in Vietnam. All the activism of the Civil Rights era has gotten African Americans precisely nowhere. Segregation may not be the law of the land anymore, but it's still the de facto state of America.

When y'all want to start throwing molotovs and sniping from windows come and talk to me. Until then, I will be content to retire, be a hermit, and laugh at everyone. Even then, I may still just feel like laughing as the world falls apart around me, but at least I'll be willing to listen. --- Raybin

Well, apart from the fact that Activism DID get us out of Vietnam, preventing more deaths and everyone has Civil Rights (still a few kinks such as Affirmative Action) because of those protests; He (or she) pretty much summed up what they wish they could do without legal consequences. How is this promoting peace? Why is it a tragedy when our Soldiers die, but when we die it's fine? When will they finally come to the conclusion that they have way overstepped the line? This disgusts me. If they finally do this; I will be murdered along with my parents in our beds, at work, or wherever, Just because of my opinions. This is the theoretical equal of murdering people just because they are black, white, Jewish, gay; this is not Right, not correct. This person, ladies and gentlemen, is a serial killer. He justifies his threats by basically saying he's fed up. Is this peace? No, this is terror; this is horror; this is the liberal mindset.

The Young Conservatives