ACLU v. NSA: A Showdown of the Anagrams

I think it is incredibly interesting that our country has become so wrapped up in lawsuits that we are now getting sued by our enemies for spying on them during war. The irrationality of this just blows me away. Well, it won't be held up in court, any rational court anyway. It is funny; I was reading over at the Daily Kos that the Supreme Court is conservative. Yes, that's why no one has put a stop to the NSA "Domestic" Spying. And for some reason this "Conservative" Supreme Court has upheld Roe v. Wade. Seems awful convenient to me.

Also, I have noticed that Articles about Abramoff have completely died down at DK since the Democrats were found accepting money from his clients. Yes, I am continuing my crusade against the liberal extremists that make up the Daily Kos.

Back to the topic: I sincerely hope that this lawsuit quells any debate over there was any Domestic Spying, which there wasn't, but it seems the media and left just can't let go of something even though they have found out is not an impeachable offense.

Democrats are continuing their smear campaign agains the President, yesterday Hillary compared the White House to a plantation "and you know what I mean". Gore lost his mind, forgetting about Echelon and Carnivore, claimed that Bush needed to be impeached for Domestic Spying. I think there was some nazi comparisons made (but don't quote me on that). So basically, it was just like every unhinged liberal out there.

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