Specter Sells Out

I still can't believe people don't understand that there was no domestic spying. It was international calls from known Al Queda linked people. Specter, talk about a RINO, is selling Bush out. The media keeps up this "Domestic Spy Program" to make it sound like we have all been heard. It's simply untrue, and to add to that; Bush has only used it about 34 times. Reid knew, the Supreme Court knew; there is no problem or scandal. Just the leftists trying to smear the right. The American people are growing weary of this attack position of the Democrats. They have no plan, they only have smears. They smeared DeLay with charges that weren't even illegal at the time he did it, they smeared Alito with lies. And now they are keeping up this illusion and fallacy that we are all being listened to. BIG BROTHER they cry; but wait, 1984 was about Stalinist Authoritarianism- that goes by the quaint old name of Communism or Socialism.

The Young Conservatives