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So it looks like Mama Moonbat got arrested today after ignoring orders from
police concerned about the growing crowd outside the White House...who,
unlike the rally this weekend, did not have a permit or any semblance of
organization. There’s a video you can see for yourself (required Real Video...
boo hiss!). Before anyone raises the spectre of violating the First Amendment...
no one said that couldn’t assemble. Assembly, however, has been legally
defined as organized and that requires planning...crowd control...and
permits so the city can provide both policing and protection. You can’t
just show up somewhere with a mob.

Interesting thing to note in the video: Mama Moonbat is smiling her
off. Grieving mother, eh? Just wants to protest the war? Really? Why the
smiles when the police showed up, Sheehan? Perhaps this little game
was, oh, I don’t know, orchestrated?



Wow. Look at her face in this one:


It’s like she thinks she’s at Disneyland. You know what? To her...she is.

Another interesting point in the video...she grins like the Cheshire Cat and
makes the cops carry her until she’s just out of the scrum of activists and
reporters...where all of a sudden, she walks on her own. What a carefully
orchestrated little piece of acting that was. In fact, in a rare moment of
honesty, cameras captured Mama Moonbat relaxing before the event:


The part of the video that made me laugh was these aging hippy nutjobs singing
“This Little Light of Mine.” Why not start a bonfire and dance naked in the street for
frig’s sake? Nothing says “I’m desperate to recapture my fiery youth” than old folks
singing songs that were co-opted as protest music in the 60s.

Michael [Moore], you should be proud. You taught her to fake it very, very well.

Well, thanks to MooreWatch for this one. What the hell is wrong with her?
Honestly, if you want to be a martyr, you don't f**cking smile while you go
down. Something just strikes me as odd; you know, as if this is a little too
well played. Thanks again to MooreWatch.

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