The Canadian Election Ay.

So, For the first time in a long time, The Conservatives have regained the socialist empire known only as Canada (Note: They are neither entirely socialist or an empire: But it was funny saying so). This, obviously; good news.

It is in my opinion; and it is an opinion, that what really happened there today, was caused due to the numerous deaths of just waiting in line to get the so-called "free" Healthcare. No longer, we hope; will Canada be the Hamster in the maniacle experiment of Socialism. Let us hope, that with these Conservative leaders, that country will come to be more actively involved in the world around them, in other words; become more involved in foreign affairs. The hard truth these people have had to face, after years of ignorance; is that there is a world, and there are people suffering because we, as North Americans, aren't as involved as is necessary to protect the protectionless.

Again, I shall repeat this; I am no Hawk, however; I do not like seeing the world become entrenched in Communism or in Dictatorship. I do not like seeing the world become fascinated with Socialism, even though it is doomed to failure. Too long has Canada hid behind America's back, too long Canada has been laughed at for it's little military presence, too long has Canada been weak, both Physically and mentally, due to the restrictions put upon her by the left.

Canada has now rebirthed into a Country that Canadians can once again be proud of, and instead of saying "uh...we are from canada", they can say "HELL YES: WE ARE CANADIANS".

The Young Conservatives