The "Right" To Die

Well, I am going to present you with two differentiating opinions for and against. I believe in both of these, which confuses me. But I will nonetheless post them here:

First, In Support:

The People, through the State; should ultimately have more power than a federal law. This validates (and yes I am using it) the ninth amendment. Which allows the Constitution to protect rights that have been acquired by the people, and if the right to die (for some reason) is one of those acquired laws, than yes; it should overrule federal law banning in all instances.

In Opposition:

The Constitution provides us with wht the Forefathers called Unalienable rights, now these rights are named so because no one can take these rights away from us. So the fact remains that the right to die does not exist, because the right to life is unalienable. The Forefathers feared the process that which people eventually give their rights up, so they set up the Constitution to regard these rights as unchangeable, except through a grueling process of creating an amendment. Therefore, even if you choose to die, or kill yourself; it is not a Constitutional right. The State has a compelling interest to keep people alive, no matter their condition, otherwise it would be gross negligence on behalf of our Government to ignore our basic essential Rights given to us unalienably.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed that argument, I will now go check into a mental hospital for what the doctors are calling "Multiple personalities".

The Young Conservatives