McCarthyism, or Anti-Indoctrination?

Students are getting paid $100 bucks to turn in tapes of their teachers ranting about how corporations are stealing our souls. Some call it McCarthyism, others call it (including myself) call it Anti-Indoctrination. A Harvard Professor is quoted as saying that it is vigilantism and he "objects to it". Well, isn't that interesting. Who is going to do it if the students don't? We going to plant FBI agents in the classroom so the Teacher can notice them and save their asses by keeping their mouths shut? No, the students, the people; the people who are the victims of this, should be leading the charge against extremist indoctrinators. Now, I don't care that the Teachers are spousing off about this (if they aren't funded by our taxes) but the fact remains; Students are intimidated into remaining silent, for fear of discrimination. Are we sure that the teachers who can't control themselves while teaching, can control themselves while grading a paper that might conflict with their beliefs?

Indoctrination is one of the evils corrupting our great nation, the people should create their beliefs by themselves. Not through the partisan teachings of an extremist. I don't care whether that person is a Liberal or a Conservative, if they are teaching without neutrality; they are not doing their job. Teachers should be neutral to their students, and if they aren't they should be in jeopardy of losing their jobs. This does not mean to say that they can't talk about what they believe, because we all believe something; but when someone steps past that line of discussion and into indoctrination and one-sided teachings; that is not right.

The Young Conservatives

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