Governator Turned Progressive

Recently, Arnold gave his State of the State speech, which turned out to be a Union-Appeasing, Money-Dumping, Big-Spending, talk about how it's time to "fix up California" which included deepening our already morbidly obese deficit. This was and is not why he is the Governor, he is in there to cut spending, to crack-down on Pork and Illegal Immigration, not to throw more money to further the overdose on socialism. We elected him to not be one of 'those' politicians, to do what he went in there to do, no matter how it effected his role as a Governor or re-election. This is disgusting, pick yourself off the ground Arnold, just because your initiatives didn't pass does not mean that you are not going to get re-elected. People just did not care about it that much because it was an unimportant (in their eyes) special election. There is a reason we are called the Silent Majority, and it isn't because we go out in huge numbers for initiatives we have no hope that will pass. But we come out in those real elections, and if people are riled enough, you will not serve another term. I am an Arnold supporter, but if he continues on this track, I may recant my support. Here is another look at his speech (a little more postive) at California Conservative. And another negative one at Right Wing News. Also check out the Local Liberty Blog.