How Soon They Forget.

It seems to me that the Liberals today (not to say Conservatives have not done this in the past) seem to look over History, even from six years ago. Does anyone remember Echelon? Or Carnivore? Yet, I hear little of those. Congress is acting betrayed, yet the President says that they were informed of these international taps. Echelon allowed domestic taps, Carnivore inspected all emails based on keywords. Also, I would like to remind Congress that the President can tell the executive branch to do anything even that which is against the Constitution, but it is the Supreme Court's job to make sure his decisions are Constitutional.

I am growing increasinly sick of the "I can't believe it" mentality that politicians, Republicans and Democrats are taking to cover their perverbially arses. I also find it interesting that the media releases this "info" which is the result of a leak, at a time when Bush's poll ratings are up. I hate to go into that Conspiracy Theory bull, mainly because it is reminiscent of the Extremist Left-Wing, but it is also prudence that guides me to that belief. I will not however, come out and say that this is true, for it is merely my belief. This information also comes at a time when Congress is voting on the Patriot Act Extension, which worries me. I do not love the Patriot Act, it is a tool that can too easily be turned against the American people, but I feel secure that as long as the American people are wary of the Government; it will not.

So, to the American People; including myself (I being a Proud American) I say to you: Stay Wary, Stay Vigilant, and Above All, Get involved in Government, whether it be protesting the war, or demanding illegal immigration reform; without you, we cannot be a democracy.

The Ever Paranoid

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