Well, the proof is in. Iraq is officially a Democracy; the Sunni's are claiming that there was election fraud. Reminds me of our own elections in 2004. It's funny, but I believe that this really shows that people now have a say. A few years ago, had they complained an election was rigged; they would have been slaughtered. I am sure there was no fraud, but it's good to see that people are accepting the benefits of Democracy. I believe that I have not commented on the elections yet, so I shall. It is amazing, beautiful; to see these people coming out of the polls with purple fingers. You see the smiling faces and I have to ask myself, why are people against this war? Why do they refuse to believe we are helping? Those fingers, those smiles say otherwise.

I am growing disgusted at how the Democrats are eating Lieberman alive; I hate it when ourside does it to our politicians, I hate it when the other side does it. It is not the DNC's job to tell Lieberman how to represent his people, only the people have that power.

Anyways; Happy Holidays