Liberals: "Big Brother Is Coming, Big Brother Is Coming"

I was reading a post at The Daily Kos, as I do sometimes, and I noticed that they had gotten some facts wrong. They believe that Bush was spying on Domestic homes, while according to La Shawn Barber, This statement is false. The spying is in fact happening on international communications. While I read the Washington Post article, I was horrified, yet knowing that media; they take everything out of proportion. It's a good thing we have bloggers like Michelle Malkin, to clear all that up. Her article makes light of the end-of-the world excitement that is going around the liberal camp. Outside The Beltway clarifies all this by stating that monitoring domestic homes would be a near impossible task and would not be undertaken by the NSA.
As to the searches themselves, there's not enough information here to cause a red flag to go up. Presumably, the NSA doesn't have the time or inclination to eavesdrop on random Americans, preferring instead to concentrate their efforts on those whom they reasonably believe are tied to terrorists.

So I say to you all who believe all this propaganda and spin set forth by the "Conservative" Media to make Bush look bad, look harder. Think Clearer. Stop Drinking that Kool-Aid!


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