Bleh. That Is What Today Feels Like. Bleh.

No real news other than more NSA reports. The Daily Kos is still in denial over the fact that what Bush did was not illegal. They are claiming that it was warrantless Domestic wiretaps, while we in reality; those of us who are not under the extremist tent, know otherwise.

More Anti-Israeli sentiment coming from Iran and other Muslim groups. On that topic, Captains Quarters reported on the movie based on the Munich Massacre aptly named "Munich". Evidently the movie provides "metrosexual, sensitive" Mossad agents that question their duty.

On the ANWR drilling, I have no absolute opinion, as I have no evidence to back up my beliefs. But, I believe that is not right to drill for oil in a Wildlife Refuge. I believe that this will only increase our oil dependency, and while it is not other's oil we depend on, we need to wean ourselves off it none the less. The Oil will only provide us for thirty years, then what? We go back to relying on some dictator's oil. The sooner we get off the stuff, the better. We, as we have done in the past, will adapt to live without it or in lesser amounts, and when we do; we can cut our ties from most of the world.

For too long has America policed the world, it is time we threw down our cuffs, and stop caring about what the rest of the world thinks of us. I am intolerant of ungrateful people, why should I be tolerant of ungrateful countries? The UN is not helping; look at Iran, look at Syria, look at Africa, look at the genocide they have not helped with.

The only thing that keeps me interested in foreign affairs is the insured security of Israel. If it were not for us, the UN would have long ago destroyed this outpost for people that have been hated for centuries. If our country keeps moving left, the new liberal anti-Israel faction will destroy it.

Sorry for the Rambling--Again no real news.