On Liberalism Part 1: On the Will of the People.

Conservatism has always appeased the realistic will of the people; Liberalism has always appeased the ideological will of the people. So, when the goals of a political agenda call for the destruction of the other, they are disregarding the people. Conservatism and Liberalism can not exist without the other, so those who wish the end for either, wish the end for both. Conservatives are constantly criticized for the extremes that exist in every aspect of the political spectrum. Whether Fascists or Monarchs; the beliefs of these radicals do not, and never will, represent both the people and the other conservatives. In this way, Mussolini does not exist in the belief structures of those who truly represent the will of the people. Liberalism was, until very recently, criticized for their extremes as well. However, it has become more and more acceptable to represent the extremist factions of Liberalism; therefore, are continuously ignoring the will of the majority of the people.

This pattern has been closely matched with the necessity, by the people, for freedoms and rights. Extreme conservatism has never valued absolute freedoms, yet the conservatives that exist today value freedoms within reason. The lines between these two have been consistently confused by those who seek for the extinction of such beliefs. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary, in the minds of the people, to resist the conservative "view" of politics. Although it is not readily known, extreme Liberalism does not value the rights and freedoms that exist in our economy today. Economic Freedom and Individual liberty must both be respected and balanced; one without the other is not a blessing, but a curse; a body without a soul, a soul without a body. So must conservatism and Liberalism be balanced.

Today, the extremist views of the Left have become acceptable, yet they exist as a small minority in the will for the people. These beliefs, like any that do not represent the majority of the people, are there to do more harm than good, no matter if these goals are benevolent or not. I must call on the people, nay, I must shout for the people, because calling does not do the urgency of this most dire situation justice. You must think. Do not let this mere minority of the people control your beliefs and reform the will of the people into their own diabolical design. Do not let these people convince you; sway you, into believing they represent you or the people. They only represent themselves and their infatuation with the destruction of our basic liberties.

The Young Conservatives