On Liberalism Part 3: On Civil Rights

Slow down America. We are moving too fast. The time where civil rights were absent is long gone. We have our rights. The only things holding us back are those who are trying to forward as fast as they can. Racism would be non-existent except we are constantly reminded by those who call themselves “progressives” that racism does exist. These people assure us we do not have our rights. So, in their attempt to obtain these rights that supposedly do not exist as they should, they create programs such as Affirmative Action. These things cause more racism than equality, because it states that minorities are inferior, therefore must have more rights than others. This overcompensation is dangerous, only existing to remind us that if someone’s color is different, it means they are different. When we were young we did not truly believe that black people were different, it was our parents, teachers, and adults that told us “they are special or different.” Different is a vile word, and is constantly misused for the sake of explaining that which is not identical. Had we not been told they are or whoever was different, we would not view them as such. Children are not born racist, society makes it so. Therefore, when the progressive liberals insist on teaching children about differences, they use words such as “special.” This is the cause of racism today. Ignorance is Bliss. How can a child or anyone be racist if they do not know how to be a racist? Most people are not racist, or sexist, or whatever. The majority of the people could not care whether a person is black or white. Racism or any kind of discrimination has become a very touchy subject and in fact leading to a whole verb conjugation form to become racist. “You People” has become a discriminatory remark for absolutely no reason other than over-sensitivity and neurotic tendencies to believe such things as racist. The word “you” certainly is not racist; the word “people” certainly is not racist. Yet, the combination is. This is ridiculous. When things move fast there is very little time to adjust, which seems to be the main problem. Police officers can not use necessary force against a person if they are black, for fear of reprisal in the form of lawsuits claiming him racist. Our civil rights have been abused by lawsuits, neurotic people, and the claims that such discrimination still exists. The progressives assure themselves that they are doing what is good for the people. I once had the opportunity to speak with some of these “progressives”, and they showed their absolute love of equality and hate for discrimination by mentioning, when asked about why Republicans won in a high majority in the south, that Rednecks always vote Republican. I asked them why they used that certain word, stating that it was the equivalent of calling a black person by a derogatory name (which shall not be mentioned here). Their response truly showed how “progressive” they really were. “Well…that’s what they are…” they responded. So, it seems that only minorities deserve rights and only they can be discriminated against. These progressives were looking so far ahead that they were actually behind. This is what happens when things move too fast; you do not notice that you have finally arrived. We have arrived America, we have those rights; there are still a few bumps in the road, but we have those rights. Now is the time to enjoy them.

The Young Conservatives