Something Completely Different

This post will be dedicated to my blog and everything in relation to it.

First Item: I am sure a lot of you have noticed that upon arriving the title gives the impression that there are more than one posters. This is true, but recently, Jake just has had nothing to say, and so; he didn't say anything at all. I hope you all just disregard this fact and just immerse yourselves in my posts for the time being.

Second Item: I think The Political Teen hates me. Yes, hates me. I have absolutely no idea why, but everytime I try to leave a trackback, they delete it.

Third Item: I want to thank you all who are visit regularly and comment. All your posts are helping to make this blog create a better atmosphere.

Fourth Item: I highly dislike the Daily Kos.

Last Item: Please post comments regarding what you would like to see regarding improvements etc.