Law That Allows In-State Tuitions For Illegals Is Being Challenged

The Law that allows Illegal Immigrants to pay the lower in-state tuition is being challenged by some Legal Out-of-state students. "The 2002 law allows the in-state rates for students who attended a California high school for at least three years, graduated from one and sign an affidavit declaring that they will seek to become legal residents as soon as it is feasible." This is total Bull. The lower prices for State residents is not because they live in the state or went to highschool in the state, it is because their parents pay taxes in that state to keep that school running. Illegal Immigrants do not pay California taxes, Ohio parents who sent their children to boarding school in California don't pay California Taxes. Therefore, they should recieve absolutely no cut in the tuition.

No matter what anyone says, this was a law directed to Illegals. What bugs me most about this is that they get all these benefits that normal citizens get and more who pay taxes, yet they aren't citizens at all, and pay no taxes. I am sick of people living on the taxpayer's dime without contributing anything themselves. Just another reason why we are losing 12 billion on these people every year.