The Tide is Once Again Shifting

The Economy is up, Jobs are up, Bush's poll results are up; man it's a good day. Looks like the Democrats screams to immediately retreat from Iraq are boosting Bush's approval rating. So, of course; The Daily Kos this propaganda about how Congress voted to keep the Tax Cuts (which are for everybody) "The GOP Tax Cuts: The Poor Sacrificing For The Rich". Need I remind them that the tax cuts benefited everyone, and that the "Rich" are still paying very high income taxes on money that they earned themselves. They whine all the time about discrimination, but leveled taxation is discrimination; just not in the normal sense of the word. Economic Discrimination is leveled taxation, the wealthy are being penalized for being successful, while the poor are being rewarded for (in many cases) doing nothing.

More proof that the Media is Liberal: "
Men, whites, Catholics boost Bush in latest AP poll". Who else would racialize and genderize the reason Bush's poll ratings are up. (This was a title taken from a USATODAY article).

Meanwhile, The Liberals are thrashing the "War on Christmas" idea every day. So while I think the war on christmas is silly, the Liberals are trying to rid the world of Religion and morals. They are also trying to rid the world of Judaism; claiming once again that they are all racists and that is why Israel needs to be shoved into the sea. And Though I am not Religious in anyway, the only way that the liberals will take my bible is when they pry it from my "Cold Dead Hands".

Happy (Insert Religious Holiday Here)