Ding Dong The Tookie is Dead

As I suspected, our Governator rejected Tookie's clemency plea, and thus; Tookie was put to death late last night (or very early this morning). Charged of killing four people in cold-blood, he has served Thirty or so years on death row. Recently he had been playing the "Redemption" card as to persuade others to believe his claim of innocence. Reverend Jesse Jackson showed up to support Tookie and make his default accusations that racism was involved with the trial, but according to KFI640, he knew very little (and cared very little) about the victims and the case in general. This was apparent in their claims that the penalty was a result of an all white jury; which was not the case at all. Counter-protesters showed up and were immediately called racists and allegedly had water bottles thrown at them. The people responsible for the Save Tookie campaign used Propaganda and one-sided tactics in attempts to dissuade the public in believing that he was guilty; they, the black community leaders, claimed that they were against the Death Penalty in general, but where were they at the other Death Penalty cases? Next month another killer will get the penalty; we shall see if they are truly anti-death penalty or just racists themselves.


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