One of those days again

I am so fed up with this partisan B.S. that everyone and everything has. I am fed up with the Political Stereotyping that occurs between the left and right. I am fed up with the politicizing of everything under the sun. I am fed up with the self-proclaimed "minorities" who call everything racism and police brutality. Stop using that excuse. "The only reason they want to kill Tookie is because he is black", well let me tell you something; the only reason you are out there protesting the Death Penalty is because Tookie is black. Where were you when the executions of white men were taking place? All these groups claim they don't support him because of his color, but the fact that they are against the death penalty. Well they are liars. They are racists themselves. This guy kills 4 innocent people for no reason, he starts a gang that kills thousands of people, he is charged with this crime; he has used up all of his appeals; even the ninth circuit, the most liberal appellate, court upholds his execution. This guy is guilty, but they say because he has written several children's books that his is worthy of freedom. Even more, he has been nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Peace Literature Prize. Let me tell you, this book is hardly sold any copies, though they claim it has saved the lives of thousands of kids. Also it is a pile of garbage. Tookie is a killer, and he needs to face his penalty.

Anyways, what happened to that era in which political philosophers sat around a table and just discussed politics? Now, everything is used against you; suddenly you are called fascist for believing in certain things; you are unamerican for believing other things.

You may say that my site is partisan, but not in the way that I do not welcome a dissenting voice; anyone that discourages this is in violation of the first amendment. Sites like Daily Kos uphold the belief that if you disagree that means you are a troll. The Liberal Forum however, allows that dissenting voice thereby being much more of intrinsic value. Confinement from a dissenting voice allows that person to go deeper and deeper into the radicalism that is seen on the Daily Kos. Only through a balance can moderation and a better world evolve. We all need to realize this.

Slighty Annoyed