Into the Abyss of Mono-Elitist Liberals

I find in my daily dealings with the MEL's that they tend to be younger or very ideological, but hate to be challenged. Their belief that only the Democratic party is correct seems to stem from the need to demonize the Republicans. To affirm the belief that all Republicans are evil they have to delude themselves that all Democrats are good people. Not true. In recent posts of mine, I have listed things acted upon me by them. I do this not to complain or to whine, but to show the truth. To show the Libocracy. These people claim to be open-minded, yet I see more hateful words ooze out of their abyss of a mouth, then I do on the other side. I am saddened by the way this country is going. I love freedom and rights and liberty. Yet it is my belief that as our country becomes increasingly liberal, we move to the destruction of the United States as we know it. These revolutionaries that are driving the liberal agenda today will stop at nothing to achieve their tried and failed ideals. Inevitably they, when they achieve enough power and the only people in their way are the conservatives, will call for the destruction, the death of every Conservative. They will cry for peace while they simultaneously chop off the heads of their fellow Americans for the sole reason that they are Conservative. I see revolution in the future. Not a revolution of ideas, but of political views; it will be a bloody battle in which no one wins. Our country is already splitting into two factions, it can be seen in the hateful commentary of sites like Daily Kos, but also in the anti-Liberal beliefs in several groups of conservatives. We cannot allow our country to be severed in this way. We can not allow our country to fall into the Abyss of the Mono-Elitist Liberals, we must have rights for everyone; not just them.

The Young Conservatives