How about that Alito Character?

Interesting, interesting, interesting. Those Democrats are always whining at whomever would be chosen. First the President was weak to provide a moderate Female. Now the President is Hitler for providing a conservative male. We have come a long way to just throw away an exalted position just because of someones ethinicity, gender, race, sexual affiliation, and personal beliefs. President Bush decided to forgo quality and nominate Miers based on the sole fact she was a "minority". Probably none of these things other than quality and political affiliations came into play in Bush's decision to nominate "Machine-Gun" Alito. Why is everything about race with Liberals? Why can't we just move on? They are like that irritating friend that brings up past mistakes that will never happen again. "Remember that time you ran that light, because of that I don't think you can drive." If they were to just "go with the flow" they (and the rest of the world) would soon find that racial problems will be classified no longer as "problems." For those of you who are confused why I called Alito "MachineGun" Alito; it is because that is what the anti-gun protection people were calling him because he doesn't think guns should be banned. I guess they haven't looked at the Constitution for a while; if ever. None of the things I just said really matter, because all Liberal Congressmen think about is "Roe V Wade.Roe V Wade. Roe V Wade. Roe V Wade." That is the litmus test; yet this is, or should not be part of the Supreme Court election process. Whether he does or does not personally support abortion has no relevance to his ability to be a Supreme Court Judge. Well, that's my two cents. Tell me what you think.