The "Silenced" Are Silencing the Silent Majority

The other day I was in the mood for basic debate (as I am prone to do when I wish to further expand my knowledge of an issue) so I decided to head into the behemoth beehive of biased bullship itself. That's right. I went to the Daily Kos. I signed up, did all the necessary stuff, including check the rules (nothing was stated about no conservatives allowed). So, I started debating about the propositions (California). Note: my signature was this-

A Conservative"

I was accused of pretending to be a progressive so I could "manipulate" their minds. I was accused of "appeasing to their sense of fairness" (this was in regard to prop.77, which was about equalizing the playing field for representatives by eliminating the rampant gerrymandering) to change their minds. That person further stated that only Democrats are fair and equal. They stated how they are voting down the propositions based on the sole fact that a republican created it.

The Daily Kos (which is supposedly "progressive") exclaims about how they support free speech, equality, no discrimination. Yet I was immediately discriminated against. They said I was a lowly being; a piece of dirt, based on my beliefs. They are the real nazis. I always knew that hate would always come in the form of peace. They claim that the goals justify the means. The rules behind their comment rating system is that you (the rater) should judge the comments based on the quality and not the belief behind it. Kos himself disobeys his rules as well as the members. They gave me zeros (Super-Troll) for just posting about how and why I supported prop. 77. I am no troll. I was one of the few who did not curse, who could spell, and who had a well formulated response. Yet I am the troll. So I was banned not from the site, but from commenting. They effectively ducktaped my mouth. I am being silenced by those who support rights. These rights obviously do not apply to conservatives. I checked out Red State (the exact opposite of the Daily Kos) and while they clearly stated that the board was intended for Republicans, liberals were free to use it as long as their responsed were pertinent to the topics and not just obtrusive junk.

More than anything is the obtusiveness of some of the members. They can not allow ALLOW themselves to vote Republican. Anyone who "can not" vote for the better candidate no matter their personal politics should not be allowed the priveledge to vote. How is this beneficial to our system? How do we achieve compromise if we continuously rape the system by contemptously voting only this way or another. This is why Ted "The Swimmer" "Happy Hour" *hiccup* Kennedy keeps getting re-elected. Republicans do it to; which shames me, but I find it more in Democrats. They also, for no reason at all, characterize with prejudice all Republicans and Conservatives. Apparently we are all hateful, money-grubbing, agenda-driven fascists. They believe that all republicans are corrupt. Yet Democrats have had their fair share (over 180 in the past few years) of Poll Fraud. Yet they believe, because DeLay was indicted of Gerrymandering (which for some reason they support in California), that all Republicans are this way. They believe that if Person A is corrupt Persons B-Z are corrupt. Well, that's like saying that because Black Guy A did some crimes that Black Guy B-Z are criminals. Discrimination only exists when it comes from Republicans and rich white people and not to them. This is why I will never be a Liberal; never. They may say some dumb quote from an Churchill that young Conservatives have no heart, but I know; In my "non-existent" heart, that I am above the ignorant lybocracy (Liberal+Hypocracy) and that they show their true colors, their true "open-mindedness" when they are challenged mentally.

Note: These statements are not limited to, but mostly consistent with the Mono-Elitist Liberals (Elitist Groups of Liberals that believe in love and freedom for only Liberals, These people hate anyone with differing opinions. They only believe themselves to be correct, they do not see that everyone has a different perspective. They are only open-minded when it comes to the Left-Wing). Also, their were a few truly open-minded individuals there. Just not many.

The Young Conservatives

P.S. Evil often comes in the guise of beauty. Evil often craves Freedom, Rights, and Liberty; but only for themselves. Mono-Elitist Liberalism is an appeasing evil that will inevitably desecrate our Constitution.

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