Blowing Smoke up our Donkeys

Movies inspire children to smoke
By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY
Smoking depicted in the movies is a primary reason children ages 10 to 14 try cigarettes, a study reports today.

The study, the first national one of its kind, finds that 38% of young smokers took up the habit because of tobacco use on the big screen. Researchers surveyed 532 movies and found smoking in 74% of them.

Authors say they interviewed more than 6,500 children across the country and considered 21 other factors that influence young people's smoking, such as television viewing and parental permissiveness, says James Sargent, a professor of pediatrics at Dartmouth Medical School.
Well, I love this. Blaming movies. The article goes on to say that a group wants any movie containing smoking should automatically get an R rating. Of course, it's not the kid's fault for actually buying the ciggarette after all the anti-smoking propaganda thats thrown in their faces by the school board. It's not the kids fault for smoking it even though the label has a warning on it. It's not the parent's fault for not caring. It's the movies. What kind of dumbdonkey kid thinks that smoking is cool? "Dude, let's go smoke and like in our fifties we can spit up tar all day while we choke on our own mucas that is created to sustain our corrupted lungs", "Cool man...Cool". Any kid who seriously thinks that just because Mr. Moviestar in The Movie: The Movie's Revenge smokes, he should; should be slapped. Twice. Or three times. Maybe a fourth just in case. Anyways; I was also reading about a bill that would ban smoking within a radius of 20 of any building; which would make you have to stand in the street to smoke. Based on a study that showed 7% of people had a slightly increased chance of cancer, but could not prove that it was the Second hand smoking that did that, because the test could not be controlled. So the activists shove faulty results in front of our faces, merely to perpetuate their distaste for the smell of smoke. I do not deny that Smoking causes damage, because it does; but I can deny that Second hand smoking does. We also don't take into account that Smoke is just a gas that we breath daily anyway. So banning it outside is ridiculous. Smog does worse damage to us. Please.