Iranian Uranium Take II

I know not what to say.

Iran, is; as you all know, a threat. However, I heard Pat Buchanan (Wait, Don't stop reading) talking about the situation. And, I must admit; he brought up some of the best reasons for not going to war (period) that I have ever heard, even from the left. He was discussing how the Iranian President was just making those Campaign hoohahs to get everyone rallied up, but never would really actually do anything. And unless, he is completely insane, probably wouldn't; seeing as there would be so much opposition. From Israel and from the U.S., that invading Israel would be suicide at the tenth degree.

And while I do worry that he is building Nuclear facilities, we must ask ourselves; can Israel not defend itself? I am a huge proponent of Israel, don't get me wrong. But it is an insult to believe that they would absolutely need our help, they defeated the Palestinians in the Six day war, in well; six days.

Apart from my comrades who believe that that no agreements can be made, I beg to differ. Where would we be if Reagan didn't talk to Gorbachov? Where would we be if Nixon didn't have the Kitchen Debate? Small things like that; that allows America to show what true democracy and capitalism and friendships are to the people of Iran, can do a lot.

Our leaders must once again come face to face with the Iranian president, they should discuss; what Iran is really planning to do, instead of the fetal threats of someone who is trying to rally his people is saying.

What worries me even more than the fact that Iran has nuclear programs, is that France is willing to Nuke Iran in an instant, the fact that they are declaring this; one of the most anti-American nations on the earth; is willing to help us, for what? Israel? Maybe support for Israel is more so with them than the left here. Perhaps. If not, what's in it for France; do they want the Construction Contracts? Was the only thing holding them back before the corrupt Food For Oil program? Or (let's hope) has France, since the riots, taken a turn towards Conservatism; and forfeited their "Great Socialist Experiment"?

Please state your opinions; I understand that I am confusing you, especially if you have read Iranian Uranium [Take 1]. My position has changed, but I still am ready to declare war on Iran if all else fails. But, we need not be hasty, make absolutely sure they are going to attack, get the Democrats on Tape saying they are willing to go to war, and then launch our campaign against Iran.

The Young Conservatives