American English closer to 17th Century English

Sparks from the Anvil: "Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Do Americans Speak the Queen's English (or Should that be 'King's English'?)?
Ok...I'm sitting here listening to Dennis Prager, who has on as his guest, Paul Johnson, talking about Mr. Johnson's book, 'George Washington', and it came out that Paul Johnson claims American pronunciation is much closer to 17th century English accents, because Americans were more conservative in retaining their English accents than their British counterparts were. That it is in fact the British whose accents have evolved. Whaaa-?!? Anyone here a linguist?"

That actually makes a lot of sense (if true). In my opinion (if it is true), we are not exactly the same as we have become far more rough verbally than that in the 1700's. Although why British English has evolved to that point completely leaves me confused. Soon we are going to have to call American English just plain American. I would not mind speaking American. Anyways; thanks to Sparks from the Anvil for this article.

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