I am sick...

I am sickened by the anti-conservative liberals. I want to thank all the Liberals out there who provide evidence, facts, and are able to carry on a sophisticated debate. There are Conservatives who do the same thing; however, they usually give reasonable explanations of their positions, not because they are smarter or whatever, but because they have to (I'm not really going to get into all that right now). Now, sites like http://republicanfreeamerica.blogspot.com just infuriate me. How can anyone call for the destruction of fellow Americans just because they do not hold the same beliefs? I am also sick of the insults of Bush without any factual basis. I am sick of being called racist, a nazi, a fascist. I am not these things. Most of us aren't. A note to all the liberals out there that believe that all Republicans or Conservatives are Christian. We are not all Christian. They call themselves progressive and yet they make remarks such as these? How is this equal? They Bush a fascist and yet they love Communism, which coincidentally is based upon a huge government. They choose Stalin over Mousolini, how are they different? Why should I be looked down upon because I believe in economic freedom as well as personal freedom? I would like to take a quote from www.younglibs.com/blog: "We're not Saying Conservatives Are Stupid, But A Lot of Stupid People Are Conservatives." Well, let's change that around a bit to see how this equates racially. "We're not Saying Blacks Are Stupid, But A Lot of Stupid People Are Black." I sincerely hope that these people take a good long look at themselves and wonder why it's not okay to stereotype racially, but stereotype politically. I would like to apologize to the real liberals for every Conservative that has, in some way, said anything derogatory about you. I eternally respect anyone who can take a position and defend it. I would also like to thank the people (most of them) who are on the corner at our government center the first friday of every month protesting the war. David (the guy I argued Economics with for the whole time we were counter protesting) I want to thank you for actually listening and responding civilly, if not for people like you; I would totally reject all liberalism. Once we get to the core of people, we all are truly nice people. The fact that some people can't see it just saddens me. I love my country; I love my rights; I love when people protest; I love when people Counter-Protest; I love my rights; I love Democracy, but I detest people who believe I do not.

The Young Conservatives