Woman's Possessions Taken After Ad Error

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Kris Bryan couldn't believe it when she came home and realized strangers were taking away her stuff — including her 7-week-old kitten.

A legal notice in the Lawrence Journal-World for unclaimed property mistakenly listed Bryan's address. The notice said the items would be thrown out if they weren't picked up from the apartment.

"I was freaking out," said Bryan, 22. "I told them, 'That's my apartment — there's been some mistake.'"

Sgt. Dan Ward, a spokesman for the Lawrence Police Department, said Bryan confronted the people at her home, who showed her the Journal-World ad. They returned the items they had taken, but others had already made off with an estimated $3,300 worth of possessions — everything from a TV and a DVD player to video games and Bryan's kitten.

Ward said it was unclear how people got into Bryan's home. There were no signs of forced entry and Bryan told authorities she believed her door was locked.

Police are still trying to find her possessions. Despite the ad's confusion, those who took them could also face charges.

"Just that ad in the newspaper doesn't give someone permission to go in and take items," Bryan said.

Yea. I just want to know, What the hell is wrong with people? Honestly; the f**cking kitten? Okay, this sort of thing really pisses me off. Do you see liberals? This is what happens when people take advantage of the system, human nature disallows socialism purely because of people like this. Now, it would have been fine (well not fine, but...) if it had just been one person. But no, there were at least two people who stole, STOLE; knowing full well that stuff was not theirs, yet they remained uncaring about who lived there.

Then the Journal gets in trouble when that mistake should not have caused this theft. First of all, the ad says that the items will get thrown out if they are not picked up. Now, to whoever tried to steal the cat, in your own mind; do you really think they are going to "throw out" a kitten? No. Therefore those people knew, with no excuse like "well, we thought we should since it's gonna get thrown out anyway", that they had no right to that property.

Watch people come to the rescue of these "cat burglars." "They didn't know what they were doing...they thought the ad was real...don't punish them...PUNISH THE CAPITALIST BUSINESSES WHO ARE NEVER ALLOWED TO MAKE AN HONEST MISTAKE." Ugh. Some people (regarding the burglars) just disgust me.

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