Jon Stewart...Partisan Hack?

I just want to bring up something about the God of the Liberals, Jon Stewart. Evidently he can call other people partisan hack, yet his show is completely neutral. Although he is certainly funny, he thinks too much of himself as do far to many Liberals. The guy is a comedian, not a political genius. Everything he says is not fact. Ho ho Ho, he made fun of Bush; He is a genius. My god, his show is far from neutral. So, his hypocracy is further prolonged by the artificial intelligence that liberals believe as complete and utter truth. His show is so "bi"partisan that it makes moderate liberal media look Conservative. Last time I checked, the media was bashing President (NOT FASCIST FUHRER) Bush at every turn. Furthermore even more moderate news programs like Fox, which still bashes Bush from time to time, is considered hugely biased conservatively. How Liberal do you have to be to think the media is conservative? Jon Stewart is nothing but a political comedian, he is not the truth, it is only his truth. Please, stop worshipping him; his political bias is disgusting. Unpartisan my Ass (no pun intended).

The Young Conservatives