Lawyer of Saddam's Co-Defendant Kidnapped in Baghdad

Lawyer of Saddam Co-Defendant Kidnapped in Baghdad

Thursday, October 20, 2005

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The trial of Saddam Hussein (search) took startling turns Thursday when prosecutors said the first witness would be a bedridden cancer patient who helped run Iraq's feared intelligence agency. In the first setback, a lawyer for one of the dictator's co-defendants was kidnapped.

Wow. I guess they the Iraqis really don't want Saddam and his buddies around anymore. They obviously do not want them to win, so by stealing the lawyer the kidnappers figured that Saddam's buddy would be done for. Unfortunately, they should not have done this in the first place, although it proves how much Saddam and his crew are despised by Iraqis.

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