Economic Socialism

I just do not get how people can support or even believe in Economic Socialism. All of you Socialists please comment below telling me the benefits, because I only see the negative effects of Government Controlled Business. Now, I do not want the excuses why Capitalism is bad, I just want the benefits of Socialism. Anyways, I do not get how liberals can be upset over Bush whom they claim to be trying to give the Government more power. Is it that they do not want Republican power or is it just hypocrisy because they do not like him? I mean socialism wants almost complete control government-wise. Do you not find it horrific that these gas companies are getting bought out by the country of China? If they come to own all the gas business they can completely control the prices; as they have no true anti-trust laws. This in the end hurts the citizens of the US, since we are so dependent upon oil. Is it not awful that our hard-earned dollars are going to China who hardly benefits their own citizens. The one child law that China has is leaving thousands of babies in the dirty alleys. We support this oppression when we fill up our tanks. We support their abuse of basic civil liberties when we buy gas. This can not be allowed, corporations and businesses can not become the property of countries such as China.
Government owned business oppresses the will to be successful, the right to have equal rights. Socialism makes a taco bell worker get paid the same amount as a highly trained doctor. Is this right? Are our doctors fated to become minimum wage employees? Who would then become doctors? No one. When the shortage of doctors becomes apparent, inadequate doctors will come forward; are we to trust an untrained person with our lives? No. This is why socialism, in my opinion, only causes harm. Our self independence erodes as everyone belongs to everyone else; we become the Orwellian nightmare represented in The Brave New World. Our lives become meaningless; all that consists of living is hedonistic pleasure. How is this progressive? It isn't. It is detrimental to our selves and our futures.

The Young Conservatives