The Undocumented Choice

Unless you did not pick up on what I was inferring in my Post title, this article is about Illegal Immigration/Undocumented "Workers." Now, we must all admit that this is a major problem, draining the "fair" in Welfare (if that even exists) and the Security in Social Security (If again, that actually exists). Our hospitals are overrun by these "workers" who have no medical insurance, flooding Emergency rooms and lowering the overall efficiency of everything they come in contact with, and even more so when those things are government-operated (if in fact they were efficient to begin with, but that is another topic).

Therefore, there are only about two real and valid options, all others being attempts at Political Appeasement. These options are:

1) Enforce immigration laws, such as the new bill that felonizes illegal immigrants.


2) Reform, or even get rid of most social programs such as public school and welfare.

All others are just futile attempts to solve a problem, or more diabolically; just political appeasement. Which is doing things that sound as though they would work, but don't (and the politicians know this) actually work. The Dubai fiasco was an example of this, "Don't let them get any ports" even though Communist China owns about 3/4 of port companies in the US anyways.

The other options, and this word is somewhat extreme, are Amnesty or things close to it, like the McCain-Kennedy bill. Amnesty is not the answer, these people are breaking the law, UNLESS you go with option number two. McCain-Kennedy and Bush are, or should be, both classed (even though they have different ways of going about it) as Amnesty.

Unfortunately, option 2 is politically unviable, providing the best way to solve the solution. However, too many obstacles and too much opinion blocks that route. Option 1, is therefore the remaining solution, and sadly must be taken to solve this crisis.

If you have concurring or dissenting opinions, please comment.

The Young Conservatives