We Are Back!

Ladies (if you exist) and Gentlemen (if you exist), we are back.


I want to apologize...profusely for my leave of absence. I just could not do it. I could not keep up with my competitors and this blog no longer became an outlet for my opinions, but an outlet for my overly competitive nature. And thus, I became tired of putting words on this here page.

From now on, this site will be directed, but not limited to, politics. Every so often I might tell you about a program or video I like, movie reviews; but ultimately this will be no different, save for those few changes, than before my unfortunate leave.

I want to thank Libertarian Jason for actually caring that I went missing and...well thats everyone I want to thank. If, you had noticed and you are now experiencing a tinge of indignancy, thankyou even though I did not have the patience to actually notice your complaint of my absence.

It is going to still be mostly me, Jake is kind of a flake when it comes to posting, so; back to the topic, I hope you start reading us again with far more vigor than before, because look how far down the blog rankings we are! We have to catch up.

Just joking. But, tell your friends. We are back.

The Young Conservatives