Political Decay

As of today, we see our two once-great political parties starting to crumble. The Democratic Party has made a considerable leap leftwards after the re-election of President Bush. The Republican Party has become severed from their grassroots and their heritage of small government, anti-deficit spending, and their near free market values.

First, we shall talk about the Democrats however. This party has, unlike the Republican party, become closer to the grassroots, but not to the moderates, whom they seem to shun. People like Joe Lieberman who are best described as middle-leftists, are being shunned by the "Progressives" that overrun blogs like the DailyKos day in and day out. They have shunned their firm base of industrial and blue-collar workers, instead catering to the extremist ends of their party; the same people who don't see the second amendment, the same people who see privacy under the fourth and fourteenth amendment, but don't see property. The same people who look into the past and see our forefathers, not for the great good they did the world by birthing a true free nation, but the slaves they had and the indians they killed. Certainly we should not look into the past and curse people who lived in such a society that allowed for slaves, although that might be a grievance for the past we shall hold for as long as our country survives.

Any person, no matter who they are, who thinks that we need universal "free" healthcare is either oblivious, ignorant, stupid, or are purposefully trying to seem caring to their constituents. Look at Canada, look at Britain, look at those failures. People are dying in line for medical care, lines that normally take one year. Is this a success? No. These are the same people who see raising the minimum wage as a good thing to do, even though it causes inflation which reverses any benefit a worker would recieve from an increase in minimum wage. These are the same people who see only social freedom, but economic freedom be damned. These are the people who then go out and say that they protect our freedoms, our liberties, our rights. As long as those rights don't hinder their plans. The Democratic party is catering to these people; this is not a majority, this is a fringe group. And yet, because there is no major middle group, people are pretty much stuck in this now-leftist party.

The Republican Party was one of great, if not monumental, achievements; a history of anti-slavery of limited Government. And yet, in the past 15 years, we see a large growth of Neo-Conservatives and Fundamentalists who are now a majority in the Republican base. The Republican base is moving away from it's once near-libertarian values and into the values of Christianity. However, it is still the party of real Republicans, but the republicans who do make office, are taskless. They have had both houses, and yet; we still don't have less government, less regulations. Where Republicans once had Barry Goldwater, they now have idle hands. The Republican party, in my opinion, is still closer to the center than the Democratic party is, but it is eroding. It still has a chance to take up it's history once again, but I am not so sure.

It is time for the Libertarian Party to step up to the plate, with so many people who like our Capitalist heritage and enjoy our freedoms both social and economic, it is time for the party who can grant both of those freedoms and protect those rights to stand up. As of now, the Libertarian Party is a little bit too extreme to be able to garner moderate votes, however; with America's gradual shift leftwards, I think that the Libertarian party can go in, and gradually shift the country back to the ideals of our forefathers. If the Libertarians are never willing to take small steps, than we will keep sliding into Socialist control; we cannot let this happen.

It's time to be better than a two-party system, it is time for the Libertarian party to take the ropes and wean the people off of the Welfare that in many ways oppresses them and makes them reliant on Big government.

I wish I could be a little bit more eloquent, but it is a weekend, so that is that. I hope you get the picture. Please leave comments if you disagree, agree, or just plain hate my guts.

The Young Conservatives