Bump: The Liberal Mindset when it Comes to Economics

The liberal mindset, when it comes to economics, primarily consists of the need to compensate for those who are unable, or refuse, to amass the amount of wealth completely necessary to exist in today’s world. This view is moral and virtuous, but in their attempts to do so, they impress upon others their need. Therefore, the morality that existed in the voluntary charity is diminished when the people are forced to also make these charities. These humanitarian actions are in no way evil, but when these charities are taken, against the will of the people, and become laws or taxes, it has become an act against our own unalienable rights. Socialism in this aspect sacrifices our right to own property.

Social taxes such as these do not benefit the majority of the people, only a small minority; who in no way have the right to obtain or possess the properties of another. Those who constantly work for what they own are constantly penalized for success, and the hard labors of these people are given, with no secure compensations, to those who can not and in many cases do not work. There will always be those who need this, but for how long? These forced charities do not motivate the receivers to attempt to pull themselves out of these holes. The taxation of the people in this way is an unjust unsuccessful solution to the problems of the poor. Liberals justify these taxations by convincing themselves that the wealthy can afford such taxes and that they (the rich), achieved the money that they possess, they own (that which is their property) through uncouth or demonic means. By assuming this, they effectively persecute a whole group for the unproved deeds of others. Any persecution in this fashion is a direct violation of our existential beliefs. The persecution of the wealthy is the economic equivalent of taxing people more because they are black or Jewish. How can anyone justify these actions?

The belief that the rich “can afford it” is completely irrelevant, merely a petty excuse for the unjustified thievery on behalf of “the poor.” Those who find these taxes unfair are unlikely to pay them in the end. The means to do this exists, however is usually not deemed necessary for those who are fairly taxed. Therefore lowering taxes eventually leads to the wealthy, after finding these taxes just, become more willing to pay. However, the liberals do just the opposite, not clearly seeing that the unpaid taxes are the result of already too much tax. Thus, they believe that the loss by unfulfilled taxation means that they have to raise taxes that much higher to recuperate these losses. This inevitably causes the wealthy to view this as an insane persecution attempt by the jealous.

These taxes are then shifted to the middle class, who now pays the majority of the taxes in this country. The unjustifiable actions taken by the liberal economic mindset leads to the indirect victimization of the middle class; the working class, who then become our nation’s poor, unable to completely support the taxes ordered by those who believe themselves saints; taxation in the name of charity. Is this not tyranny? Is this not a crime? It is both, it is also the reason our forefathers rebelled, the reason our forefathers started the revolution. We, as the people of the United States must act now before the taxation leads to the revolution that will only spill the blood of those who try to better our beloved country. Shall we stand idly by as our country denigrates into the complete loss of economic freedom? Shall we let our country corrupt into socialism or worse, communism? We must act, if nothing else; we must act to save ourselves, our liberty, and our country.
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