You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

What really "grinds my gears" is when people do not put their supermarket carts back. Honestly, how lazy do you have to be not to walk something that takes little effort a few feet? That's not the worst. The worst is when they put them in empty parking spots which blocks cars from parking there. They put them half on the curb, half on the sidewalk or planter and expect them just to vanish back into the market. They figure that the supermarket hires people to do it, so they are free from every aspect of pushing that cart. This is simply not true, the markets hire people to do it; thus costing the market money, because people don't put their carts away. The cart-dont-putter-awayers simply believe, out of total lack of consideration, that it is not their problem. This "problem" is carried over to people who are, in some way, inconvenienced by these carts. If anyone does this, or knows someone; please put your/their reasoning in a comment. Does anyone else agree with me on this?

The Young Conservatives