Why I Support Israel

It confuses me when I am called a Nazi. I was, if you do not already know, at a protest (Counter-Protesting of course), and was labeled as such. Ten minutes later, I began to hear anti-"Zionist" sentiments uttered from the mouths of those who had just accused me of the crime they were now committing. If you are anti-Israel, you are anti-Jew. This hypocracy has been going on a lot recently. First of all, I was born (by Jewish Law) a Jew. Second of all, I fully support Israel. I, in fact, (I am sorry Jake) prefer Judaism over Christianity for several reasons which shall not be mentioned here for the sole reason that it does not pertain to the topic, but I shall state that it has nothing to do with my heritage, but it must be said that I do not believe in any foundations of Religion; only God.

Recently, Israel gave up the Gaza Strip as an attempt to create peace between themselves and Palestine. After Palestine acquired this land, the civilians of said country completely destroyed every inch (including the temples) of the land. Now Palestine is asking for money to rebuild. This hypocracy on behalf of Palestine is infuriating. To make matters worse Hamas is now gathering militant troops and is launching rockets over the wall. Is this the promised peace? No. This is why I support Israel. Palestine makes no effort to create peace, only an effort to gain land.

The Young Conservatives